Who are you going to call for cyber protection?

Johannesburg, 17 May 2018
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A-Team Protection TV.
A-Team Protection TV.

When people think about hackers, the image that comes to mind is of pimple-faced nerds who sit in a dark room with the gentle hum of a CPU as their only company.

They also probably think hacking is a complicated process that takes hours and hours to accomplish.

The reality is that you can get hacked while you are sitting having a cup of coffee by a well-presented person in a business suit who has cloned the public WiFi signal. They are also probably doing this with nothing more than a tablet or a smartphone.

Hacking and cyber crime are the biggest concerns that face any industry today. Warfare has moved towards the Internet and your data is the goods that hackers want to kidnap and ransom back to you.

So, how do you identify a hacker and protect yourself? GTconsult is launching A-Team Protection TV, which is an interactive Web-based television series.

"The aim of the series is to identify the common risks that most businesses face and to highlight how easy it is to hack into any system to steal vital information. In addition, the series will also highlight how easy it is to protect yourself against these threats to your business," says Bradley Geldenhuys, CEO and Founder of GTconsult.

The series is aimed at the general public who take advantage of day-to-day technologies, especially small to medium size businesses. "It is important that we know how these attacks occur so we become more aware of how we leverage technology and ultimately set up a strong defence. GTconsult has a specific set of skills that can offer the best protection to the most vulnerable who need it," concludes Geldenhuys.

You can view the A-Team Protection TV trailer here:

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