10 best-read columns of 2019

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  1. Google just shot Android in the head
By Herman Singh

Forget the headlines, it's not about Huawei. There is no coming back from the Huawei, Google, Android saga.

2. The fifth industrial revolution looms

By Vaughn Naidoo

The convergence of technology and humans is quickly barrelling us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of artificial intelligence.

Balancing security with seamless access

By Tallen Harmsen

Frictionless security can unlock ironclad customer onboarding for companies.

4. Trends 2019: Time to clean up your data act

By Lee Naik

Data privacy must be part of organisational DNA rather than a one-time compliance exercise.

5. Data science isn’t rocket science – so get learning

By Lee Naik

The days when data science was only available to the brainiest of number-crunchers are behind us, and anyone can take advantage of this accessibility.

6. Data analysis is not just algorithms

By Julian Thomas

Maths and stats can tell us all sorts of interesting things about data, by identifying patterns and unlocking buried truths or secrets.

7. Building a digital expert to power client self-service

By Ryan Falkenberg

Why have so few companies managed to give us a Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri experience in the customer service arena?

8. Google hijacks the $180 billion gaming industry

By James Francis

Stadia, Google's Gaming-as-a-Service platform, is a legitimate threat to large parts of the video gaming industry.

9. What venture capitalists look for in tech start-ups in SA

By Clive Butkow

Canny venture capitalists invest in founders who obsessively focus on making a product that users deeply care about and that solves a problem.

10. Trends 2019: Technologies converge as 5G lands

By Lee Naik

There's reason to think we will be enjoying the spread of a true Internet of Things much sooner than expected: the arrival of 5G.

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