Independent third party verification

Johannesburg, 06 Apr 2011
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A software provider cannot quality assure their own system. What is needed is independent third party verification.

STS offers its clients the ability to accurately determine the quality of deliverables produced by their software vendors. Through a tried and tested quality assurance methods and frameworks, STS clients receive an objective measure of quality, completely independent of the client and the software development partner.

STS' core business is software testing and software quality assurance to the extent that over 90% of revenue is attributed to these professional services. It is through this core focus on software testing and software quality assurance that the company is able to maintain its independence and objectivity in terms of risks and quality.

The successful delivery of IT projects is dependent on world class IT organisation and strategy. Strategically aligning your organisation with an independent quality assurance company will ensure delivery of IT projects on time, successfully and within budget.


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