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Praesignis pleased to announce its recent acquisition

Johannesburg, 05 Oct 2020
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Praesignis, the data consulting expert, today announced it is acquiring Résoudre, a majority black female-owned company, founded in 2019 and based in Cape Town, to become the leading player in the data consulting space.

Resoudre’s key objective was to address the growing unemployment challenge in South Africa by eventually creating skills development hubs. “Résoudre soon established a reputation for providing high-quality service to both clients and candidates,” explained Johan Ceronio, CEO of Praesignis.

“Recruitment was, however, the only part of its service offering and it knew that to follow through on its main objective of establishing skills development hubs, it would have to partner with some of the bigger players in the industry,” added Ceronio.

Praesignis specialises in data management, business intelligence and visual analytics and has a huge focus on skills development through its learnership programmes.

The acquisition was accomplished when Résoudre caught the eye of Praesignis as a potential partner. “It became clear after the initial discussions that the synergies between the two companies warranted something more than just collaboration,” said Ceronio.

An arrangement resulted in the establishment of a new company within the Praesignis Group. Praesignis Coastal was founded and Résoudre was 100% incorporated into the new company – which means it remains a 100% owned subsidiary within Praesignis Coastal.

Résoudre’s original vision to provide skills development hubs will remain intact and it will focus on establishing decentralised hubs that aim at providing broad-based skills development opportunities, while further expanding Praesignis’ footprint to offer its services in Cape Town.

Praesignis Coastal will be under the leadership of Jenelle Chetty and Armandé Kruger.They have been appointed as Managing Director and Sales Director, respectively, to head up different units in the business.

Chetty has extensive experience in the recruitment industry and has worked closely with industry leaders such as IBM. She headed up marketing initiatives for companies like Sun Microsystems and BCX and has also been involved with very successful training initiatives across various industries.

Kruger has spent the last two decades of his career in the data industry and has consulted to local and international companies in the financial, telco and retail space.

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