How to digitise, cloud-enable your organisation through your multifunction printer

Public sector offices already own a powerful device that can elevate their workflow, administration and productivity – and the right technology partner can help them unleash that potential.

Johannesburg, 31 Mar 2022
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Modern organisations have access to a modern central document and content server, sitting right there among them. New generation business and multifunction printers (MFPs) can enhance cloud-connected productivity, digitisation, workflows and content management.

Yet many of today's offices do not realise they already have access to such capabilities, says Themba Ndhlovu, SBD Business Systems' Group CEO: "State departments procure modern printing and copier systems that can provide incredible office digitisation and workflow features. But they often use only a fraction of those. It's like my iPhone – I don't even utilise 15% of what it can do. But that's because I'm a dinosaur! Today's public service professionals can get much more out of their modern copier equipment, because under the right circumstances, these are document and content servers."

Leading MFPs ship with a host of features enabled natively or through business apps. Software platforms such as HP Workpath can turn your MFP into a platform for continuous innovation: simplify print workflows and management, enjoy enhanced cost and usage visibility, secure apps and access and bridge the paper-digital gap.

MFP challenges

Yet if modern MFPs can deliver on these promises, why don't they? SBD Business Systems, a leading partner in providing digital enablement, has noted several common barriers:

  • Skills transfer: Technology partners don't do enough to empower employees with the knowledge to use advanced MFP features.
  • Infrastructure limitations: Existing technology infrastructure such as networking is insufficient to support digital and cloud MFP services.
  • Limited cost control: Administrators struggle to access and leverage cost and usage management features.
  • Security concerns: Poor implementation of security makes using broader MFP features risky to the organisation.

The result is that MFPs are notoriously under-utilised, even though they represent an available and powerful agent to enable cloud technologies, modern workflows and next-generation administration.

How can your office start getting real value from its MFP investment?

Solutions through partners

Most service providers do not have enough insight and expertise to fully deliver on MFP capabilities. It's not enough to sell an MFP based on a few entry-level specifications, such as print speeds and page costs. A genuine technology partner must bring more to the table, demonstrated by investments in its solutions capacity.

"It's always great to show a client how they can get much more out of their existing technology systems, especially multifunction printers. They often don't realise they sit with a powerful digital enabler, right there in the corner of their offices," says Rolf Wolhuter, SBD Business Systems' Managing Director. "We have been in the business of providing digital solutions to the public and private sectors for over a decade. To date, SBD has served over 2 500 satisfied clients. We've engaged and resolved many different scenarios, using this experience to expand and bolster our services and skills."

SBD Business Systems continually evolves its capabilities to bring real and lasting solutions to our customers. We focus on removing those barriers that prevent offices from turning their MFPs into modern central document and content servers. Whether the devices are from our vendor partners, such as HP or from another MFP brand, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help our customers create digitally powered professional workplaces.

At SBD Business Systems, we create enablement through several capabilities:

  • Effective training and ongoing support ensure staff know what they can get from their equipment.
  • Managed networking service solutions, including wireless signal boosting over dozens of kilometres, to address current network challenges without unnecessary ripping or replacement.
  • Leverage modern application platforms such as HP Workpath, and collaborate with office professionals to select apps to improve cost management, reporting and workflows.
  • Managed security services that ensure your MFP performs without compromising security, governance and audit concerns.

We are an HP Managed Print Services (MPS) partner, offering a suite of scalable and flexible solutions that help our customers profitably manage paper and digital document workflows. SBD Business Systems can transform unmanaged data into intelligent information, using modern yet chronically under-utilised MFP systems already present in your environment.

Contact SBD Business Systems today – let's talk about what you can already leverage to take your organisation's workflow, administration, security and networking into the modern digital cloud era. 

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