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Digitalising recruitment and onboarding through "Learn and Hire"

Dimension Data, in partnership with HelloCrowd, digitising the way to hire and grow company talent.

Johannesburg, 10 Jul 2020
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At a time when physical distancing is being enforced by the government, the benefits of technology to help organisations hire and upskill their staff have never been clearer.

When organisations grow, they face a real challenge: how do they scale up while still hiring, managing and developing their people with the same level of attention and detail? It’s easy to track and grow a team of 20 employees, but what happens when a company has hundreds of employees scattered in multiple offices across the country? The answer is found in two applications, Learn and Hire, co-created by Dimension Data and HelloCrowd.

Together, Learn and Hire are part of a Talent Experience Management platform designed to help organisations recruit, onboard, induct and engage better with their employees.


For each qualified job application a company receives, they receive 20 unqualified applications. This is a drain on time and resources as managers sift through hundreds, even thousands, of potential CVs. It is a particular problem in economies where high unemployment is rife: people will throw their hat in the ring despite having insufficient education and/or experience for the role.

Hire helps fix this using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, scoring candidates against nine weighted factors. The AI matching result is then combined with a broad two-minute personality and job fit assessment using hundreds of data points to offer a reliable and scientifically valid set of results to the hiring team.

Managers and other decision-makers can then set video and text questions, and more job and personality fit assessments, to ensure only the best talent is made visible. From there, candidates can log in and schedule interviews automatically, taking hiring team availability into account. For successful candidates, offer letters and appointment letters can be sent for digital signatures.

“We’ve transformed our hiring experience using a little bit of science and technology. By the time candidates are connected to the hiring managers, they are already a great fit for the organisation,” says Michaela Voller, Chief People and Culture Officer: Dimension Data. “We’re proud of this unique solution.”


Learn is built on the same platform as Hire, but focuses on growing the skills and capacity of an existing workforce. For large companies, certified training procurement is difficult to track. The process becomes easily fragmented: multiple vendors, multiple methods of payments and multiple employees. For the average JSE-listed business, an average spend of just 5% of the skills development target equates to R50 million.

Learn solves all these challenges in a single, streamlined interface for both employees and administrators.

Employees can:

  • Search for and book their training from an authorised list of vendors based on price, rating and status;
  • Upload their exam certificates online; and
  • Gain a full view of their past training certifications.

Administrators, meanwhile:

  • Can select the most appropriate vendors for their organisation;
  • Get live, up-to-date visibility of the training spend for the year in line with their targets; and
  • Get a unified portal to manage employee training invoices, attendance records and certificates.

The platform also offers and enables a fully tracked onboarding and induction of new employees to ensure all new hires get a consistent, easy-to-consume introduction to the company wherever and whenever they join through mixed media like videos, modules and short quizzes. This both cements company culture and satisfies regulatory HR requirements.

“We see Hire and Learn as the future of enterprise talent management,” says Greg Kockott, Chief Executive and Founder of HelloCrowd. “The entire employee experience can now be managed and optimised in a single platform. It’s easier for managers to find the right people, and easier for employees to drive their value and development in the organisation by upskilling themselves in the areas needed most.”

For more information about digitising your employee experience, join Michaela Voller: Chief People and Culture Officer for Dimension Data and Greg Kockott, Chief Executive and Founder of HelloCrowd, as they discuss the digitalisation of recruitment and onboarding at our next Digital Round Table Series on 14 July 2020. The session will also showcase some of the technologies and platforms that we have utilised to digitalise our recruitment and onboarding processes.

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