Secure the future and your journey to the cloud amid COVID-19 and beyond – free Webinar series

Pretoria, 28 Apr 2020
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  • Palo Alto Networks ensures that each day is safer than before with the most comprehensive cyber security portfolio.
  • Obscure Technologies together with Palo Alto Networks have launched a Webinar series.

Limited space – Only 100 spots per Webinar.

Obscure Technologies and Palo Alto Networks have launched a Webinar series, featuring Palo Alto Networks’ visionary security solutions, and kicked it off with Securing the Future: Introducing Cortex on 23 April 2020.

The second Webinar, Prisma Cloud: Securing your journey to the cloud is around the corner, on 29 April. These Webinars will be delivered by Palo Alto Networks professionals and system engineers. The series that was launched on 23 April will provide far-reaching insights and examples of Palo Alto Networks’ cutting-edge cyber security technology, the most comprehensive cyber security portfolio on the planet.

Prisma Cloud: Securing your journey to the cloud
29 April 2020Register here

Secure your journey to the cloud by providing the most comprehensive cloud security in the industry, protecting users, applications and data. Join the Palo Alto Networks team as they take you through the Prisma Cloud, which delivers complete security across the development life cycle on any cloud, enabling you to develop cloud native applications with confidence.

In this Webinar, the Palo Alto Networks team will have an in-depth look at:

Gaining visibility into shadow IT – how to gain visibility into the systems we didn't know we had.

Simplifying security – Gain a better understanding of today's threat landscape and how to use technology to simplify security.

Connectivity, cloud and compliance – See how you can deploy best-of-breed secure SDWAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network), which is pre-integrated, requires no additional hardware or software to deploy at the remote office and lays the foundation for a zero-trust security architecture. We will also discuss how it's possible to deliver consistent, automated protection across public and private clouds so you can adopt SaaS (software as a service) apps, rapidly roll-out cloud-delivered services and apps, and avoid business disruption.

You can also secure your seat and register on SA Shares.

Announcements will be posted to the Obscure Technologies LinkedIn page, so interested parties and attendees have first notice of upcoming events.

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