Eseye, Gemalto develop AWS-based IOT solutions

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Anand Gandhi, VP of worldwide channels and alliances at Eseye.
Anand Gandhi, VP of worldwide channels and alliances at Eseye.

Global Internet of things (IOT) connectivity firm Eseye has formed a strategic partnership with digital security firm Gemalto, to develop pre-integrated modules aimed at simplifying cloud-based IOT connectivity for enterprises.

Eseye is a global provider of IOT cellular services, working with companies that deploy IOT devices. Gemalto works with original equipment manufacturers, mobile network operators and cloud service providers, to build secure IOT eco-systems for enterprises.

Together, the companies are developing a suite of plug-and-play IOT modules (electronic devices) and terminals that combine Eseye’s AnyNet Secure SIM technology with Gemalto’s eSIM and IOT capabilities.

The solutions are aimed at simplifying and securely automating IOT deployments for cross-sector organisations, into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We are delighted to be partnering with Gemalto given their knowledge and expertise in the fast-growing IOT market,” comments Anand Gandhi, VP of worldwide channels and alliances at Eseye.

“By combining our expertise, we’ll be able to dramatically reduce global IOT device development timescales, assure global connectivity and security out-of-the-box, while increasing device uptime.”

The modules will enable the global deployment of a single IOT product, with zero-touch connectivity into AWS IOT Core, a managed cloud service that allows connected devices to easily interact with cloud applications and other devices.

The integration with AWS will simplify billing and ensure device integrity by providing security certificates over-the-air and centralised policy management for firms, according to Eseye.

Andreas Haegele, VP of IOT at Gemalto, says: “The Gemalto partnership with Eseye provides IOT developers with industry-unique expertise that paves the way for massive innovation. The joint platform provides a watershed opportunity to greatly expand the IOT global footprint and accelerate industry growth.”

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