KYOCERA ECOSYS P8060cdn, the preferred printer for organisations of all sizes

Johannesburg, 25 Jan 2019
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Flexibility, durability, cost efficiency and versatility are the hallmarks of the KYOCERA ECOSYS P8060cdn, a printer designed with a lot of considerations for the end-user. With its multi-tasking functionality, it is the preferred solution for printing all large volumes of documents in a demanding work environment.

The ECOSYS P8060cdn printer has extremely durable components; processes print commands at a high speed and can print up to 60 A4 pages per minute for b/w and 55 for colour. It also has the capability of printing on both sides of the paper, using the standard super-fast automatic duplex functionality.

The colour technology incorporated in this new high-end A3 colour printer ensures you enjoy outstanding colour print output. Secured by an 8GB Solid State Drive and a 320 GB HDD, this device guarantees high print speeds even at maximum print resolution. It offers a maximum paper capacity of 7 150 sheets.

The ECOSYS P8060cdn supports a variety of paper types and sizes of up to 1.2mm banners. It also supports a variety of media types and sizes.

This unique A3 colour printer is designed to offer the user maximum flexibility and comfort; a truly versatile device with multimedia experience that comes with additional finishing options such as stapling, punching, booklet and even tri-folding functionality.

What's more, the redesigned nine-inch touch panel makes accessing all features very intuitive and easy to use.

Its long-life components mean less maintenance and downtime, as well as fewer replacement parts such as the toner cartridges. The drum and developer cartridges last for an incredible 600 000 pages, ensuring it needs minimal interaction. You can save both time and money, thus helping you to focus on more important business tasks.

The P8060cdn device is environmentally friendly, economical to use and has a modular design concept. The ECOSYS P8060cdn allows you to add workflow enhancing functions as required. Integrated system software provides long-term cross-network compatibility.


KYOCERA's long-life components cost you and the environment less. Some features of the modular design concept include:

Environmental print features

Duplex print mode (double-sided printing), N-Up printing mode (N pages on 1 sheet), toner save mode (draft print mode).

KYOCERA Net Viewer

All KYOCERA ECOSYS printers and multifunction units can use Net Viewer to monitor and control all activities from any Windows PC. The ECOSYS P8060cdn printer is not an exception. This provides the ideal set-up for network and security administration on the device.

Command Center RX

The Command Center RX enables the user to control and manage various settings by accessing the device via a Web browser. For example, you can automatically update screens, customise user screens, view departments and restrict settings.

USB host interface for USB flash memory

Print documents directly from a USB flash memory (eg, USB stick) via the USB host interface. File types supported include PDF, XPS, TIFF or JPEG and can be accessed from the device's control panel without any need for computer.

With the up to five-year warranty offer on this printer, its quality is assured both in components and its print quality.

If you work in an office with heavy daily print demands then the P8060cdn is your best choice. It provides reliability, premium quality print output and speed.

Every modern office environment requires a printer like the ECOSYS P8060cdn printer!

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