ICT Tenders – Behind closed doors

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Government's track record of widespread spending found to be wasteful, fruitless and irregular has seen National Treasury embark on a campaign to tighten financial management throughout the public sector. Procurement processes, in particular, have come under scrutiny and numerous controls have been introduced by way of regulation, rules, directives and guidelines.

Transparency is a critical element of cleaning up government spending; and keeping it clean. Procurement that takes place on an open stage allows the private sector a fair shot at competing for government contracts. It also means that government can choose the best-suited solution currently available in the industry and benefit from competitive market pricing.

In contrast, limiting a tender to a select – and, often, favoured – group, only reduces the options available in which to find the best fit for the requirements. With fewer bidders to compete against, pricing can sometimes be less aggressive; and it’s not unheard of for players to collude on a profit-friendly cost base.

A transparent procurement process also allows for increased and broader scrutiny of the deliberations. Irregularities can also be identified more timeously when the stages of the procurement process - from advertisement to details of conclusion such as winner and contract value - are published in the public space. Without this, the country must rely on annual financial audits to unearth questionable decisions.

While ongoing improvements in government's procurement transparency have been evident, this week's bulletin sees several notices lacking disclosure. This includes the Council for Geoscience, which says it has deviated from the public procurement framework; KwaZulu-Natal's Department of Public Works, which says the detail of the award – both bidder and value - will be published on its website and noticeboard; and, the Road Traffic Management Corporation, which has declined to disclose the value of an award.

New tenders

Department of Health, KwaZulu-NatalThe province wishes to procure a data, telephone system and electrical power skirting for the Iris Marwick building at Townhill hospital complex: once off.
Tender no: ZNB 9739/ 2019- H
Information: M. Goduka, Cell: 082 335 6260, E-mail:
Closing date: 20 Dec 2019
Tags: Telecommunications, Telephony, Data, Hardware

Department of Higher Education and Training
A service provider is sought to supply, configure and manage the DHET hybrid environment.
Tender no: RFB 2043/ 2019
Information: Portia Mphela, Tel: (012) 482 2754, E-mail:
Closing date: 17 Jan 2020
Tags: Hardware, Servers

State Information Technology Agency
SITA is advertising for the supply, installation, configuration and training of an enterprise architecture toolset, including maintenance and support, for the South African Police Services (SAPS) for a period of three years.
Tender no: RFB 2040/ 2019
Information: Lesley Chauke, Tel: (012) 482 2025, E-mail:
Closing date: 20 Dec 2019
Tags: Software, Enterprise Architecture, Services, Support and maintenance

Ditsong Museums of South Africa
DMSA is inviting prospective service providers to bid for the supply, delivery, repair and installation of security infrastructure (CCTV cameras, access control installations and motion detectors) to various Ditsong Museums within Gauteng province.
Compulsory briefing: 11 Dec
Tender no: DMSA 012/ 2019
Information: Technical: Kennedy Kaposa, Tel: (012) 492 5734, Fax: (012) 323 6598, E-mail: General: Thabiso Diutlwileng, Tel: (012) 492 5741, Fax: (012) 323 6598, E-mail:
Closing date: 20 Dec 2019
Tags: Hardware, Security, Access control

National Consumer Commission
The commission wishes to appoint a service provider for the upgrade of voice and data processing, storage and switching ICT back-end infrastructure.
Tender no: NCC/ 03/ 2019/ 20
Information: Technical: Nnapo Manok, Tel: (012) 428 7745, E-mail: General: Xalati Maluleke, Ernest Petje, Prince Makhubedu, Tel: (012) 428 7740/7741/7730, E-mail:,,
Closing date: 6 Jan 2020
Tags: Hardware, Software, Storage, Data

South African Social Security Agency
SASSA requires development and implementation of an enterprise project governance tool for a period of three years.
Compulsory briefing: 10 Dec
Tender no: SASSA: 15/ 19/ICT/ HO
Information: Technical: Tshidi Khobane, Tel: (012) 400 2563, E-mail: General: Stanley Khumalo, Tel: (012) 400 2202, E-mail:
Closing date: 17 Jan 2020
Tags: Software, Software development, Governance

Request for information

Department of e-Government, Gauteng
Information is sought for big data technical architecture, Gauteng Provincial Government open data portal and big data solution development.
Tender no: GT/ GDeG/ 074/2019
Information: Technical: Mohamed Mahomed, Tel: (011) 689 6253, E-mail: General: Nthabiseng.Modise, Tel: (011) 689 8100, E-mail: Tender Enquiries: Jaco Smit, Tel: (011) 689 6058, or Lenard Billings, Tel: (011) 689 6416, E-mail:
Closing date: 17 Jan 2020
Tags: Software, Hardware, Services, Data

National Student Financial Aid Scheme
NSFAS is interested in a contact centre solution.
Tender no: RFI003/ 2019
Information: NSFAS, Tel: (021) 763 3200, E-mail:
Closing date: 13 Dec 2019
Tags: Software, Hardware, Services, Contact centre, Call centre


Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services:
Appointment of a service provider to develop and implement a leadership development programme in the DTPS and DOC.
Tender no: DTPS/ 01/ 2019/ 20/ A

South African Social Security Agency
SASSA invites service providers to bid for the development and implementation of its grant payment business intelligent solution, including maintenance and support.
Tender no: SASSA: 27/ 18/ ICT/HO


Council For Geoscience
Procuring the maintenance renewal of Starlims software.
Tender no: DEVIATION 4
Successful bidder: Abbot Informatics Nerthelands B.V
Value: R745 912

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal
Supply, delivery and installation of voice activated dictation software for PACS system for Grey’s Hospital.
Tender no: ZNB 9713/ 2019-H
Successful bidder: Axim (PTY) Ltd
Value: R1 019 659

Department of Public Works, KwaZulu-Natal
Development of an integrated information management system for Department of Public Works.
Tender no: ZNT 10/ 19/ 20
Successful bidder: Awarded bidder’s details will be published on the departmental website: and noticeboard.
Value: Not disclosed

Road Traffic Management Corporation
Appointment of service provider(s) for supply, installation and maintenance of the moving violation recorder, automated number plate recognition system and portable speed measuring apparatus for the RTMC for a period of three years.
Tender no: RTMC Bid 09/2019/ 20
Successful bidder: Truvelo Africa Divisions (Pty) Ltd
Value: Not disclosed

Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training
Appointment of an accredited service provider for the supply, installation, integration, operationalisation and maintenance of a vulnerability assessment and management solution/tool.
Tender no: UMALUSI (19-20) T0006
Successful bidder: Decode systems security services t/a Decode systems & Technology
Value: R1 432 900

Appointment of an accredited service provider for the provision of Mimecast Cyber Resilience (M2A) maintenance or equivalent solution and support services to Umalusi for a period of five (5) years.
Tender no: UMALUSI (19-20) T0001
Successful bidder: ICT Choice (Pty) Ltd
Value: R2 627 756

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