FaceTime raises security, management, compliance standard for unified communications with Vantage software launch

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FaceTime Communications (www.facetime.com) announced the release of Vantage, the next-generation software solution for the security, management and compliance of real-time and unified communications.

The successor to FaceTime's award-winning IMAuditor, Vantage dramatically expands the support for UC platforms such as Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) and IBM Lotus Sametime, and for the first time, provides stringent security and compliance controls for Skype in the enterprise.

Most notable among the features integral to Vantage are extensive support for OCS Group Chat, compliance archiving and ethical wall creation for Microsoft Live Meeting and support for Call Admission Control (CAC) to manage resource allocation. Support is also provided for logging IBM Lotus Sametime announcements, file transfer capture, scanning and controls and a host of compliance features, including ethical walls, inline disclaimers and data leak prevention.

"The real-time communications and collaboration world has long since evolved beyond simple instant messaging," said Kailash Ambwani, president and CEO of FaceTime Communications. "Enterprises are widely adopting unified communications platforms, like Microsoft OCS and IBM Lotus Sametime, and extending their capabilities with federation and external connections. Increased regulatory compliance requirements, eDiscovery obligations and wholesales changes in the way organisations operate have driven the evolution of FaceTime's solutions. We have taken the award-winning IMAuditor platform as the foundation for Vantage, our next-generation solution, to provide comprehensive security, management and compliance of real-time and unified communications."

Vantage is also the first security and management solution to support Skype, including logging and checking of all messages according to company policy, while still allowing Skype traffic to be transmitted and received encrypted as usual. Should an employee use unsanctioned content in a Skype conversation, the text is automatically replaced with a customised phrase. Vantage enables the control of Skype features (chat only, no file transfers, no voice access, etc) and integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory to link Skype buddy names to individual employees.

“As organisations look to extend their collaboration outside of the enterprise network, the powerful Vantage policy framework allows granular policies to be defined between groups of employees and for communications with non-employees through federation and PIC (public IM connectivity),” said Sean Glansbeek, Director of Seven Days Technologies. Vantage enables the management of users outside of the organisation through expanded inter-group policies, domain-based groups or through the concept of registered non-employees - protecting and restricting communications by employees with unregistered individuals.

New unified communications features incorporated in Vantage include:

* OCS Call Admission Control policy management and reporting;
* Microsoft Live Meeting archiving and reporting;
* Configurable "Poison Room" policies for ethical wall enforcement in Live Meeting sessions;
* OCS session data recording and reporting;
* Compliance disclaimers, ethical walls, archiving and auditing for Microsoft OCS Group Chat;
* IBM Lotus Sametime announcements logging and auditing; and
* Ethical wall, custom disclaimers, file transfer support for IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.

Vantage is the de facto platform for granular security, policy controls and compliance features for real-time and unified communications (UC) - providing management for the widest variety of UC and real-time communications platforms; including Microsoft OCS and IBM Lotus Sametime, public instant messaging platforms such as Windows Live and Skype, Web conferencing and industry focused networks like Reuters, Bloomberg and YellowJacket.

FaceTime Communications

FaceTime Communications enables the safe and productive use of Unified Communications and Web 2.0 - including social networks, blogs and instant messaging, Ranked number one by IDC for five consecutive years, and visionary by Gartner, FaceTime's award-winning solutions are used by ten of the top ten US banks, and worldwide for the security, management and compliance of real-time communications. FaceTime supports or has strategic partnerships with all leading public and IM network and unified communications providers, including AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Skype, IBM and Cisco.

Seven Days Technologies

Seven Days Technologies is a data security distributor for the South Africa, Africa and Indian Ocean Island regions. Seven Days Technologies creates highly secure data protection solutions for the broader business market, which it delivers through local channels, and leverages best-of-breed technology to support its partners and clients. Seven Days Technologies solutions include data encryption, data leakage prevention, data classification, mobile security, SSL and XML security, ERM, unified communications security and compliance and social networking/Web security. Seven Days Technologies is the distributor of Credant, Code Green Networks, Excitor, FaceTime, Liquid Machines, Microdasys, Next Plane, Titus-Labs and Voltage. For more information, visit http://www.7daystech.co.za.

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