Acer provides e-learning tools amid COVID-19

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Computer company Acer says it will support local schools, teachers and pupils with e-learning tools amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The coronavirus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, has spread quickly in SA. So far, 150 people have been confirmed to have the virus, with health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize saying he expects that number to reach 200 by the end of today.

Globally, there were over 246 000 COVID-19 cases, with the death toll surpassing 10 000 and 88 471 recoveries, at the time of publishing.

According to Acer, through its education programme, Acer for Education, it is making adaptive learning solutions available to schools across the world, including SA, in response to the pandemic and forced closure of schools.

The computer company notes the resources are to ensure the continuity of the teacher-learner relationship beyond the classroom.

“As a leader in the e-learning space, Acer believes in the power of computing to spread knowledge and are proud to provide today’s generation with the instruments they need to develop 21st-century skills and succeed in the information age,” says Susanna Ackermann, head of education for Acer Africa.

Furthermore, Acer reveals it has created a dedicated remote learning page for teachers to reference Webinars on how to run remote learning, EduTechTeam online training and Appsevents. The page also features a comparison of the top collaboration tools for ease of use.

“The current health crisis has impacted learning in ways never imagined; however, this has not deterred us from finding innovative ways to ensure that learning in schools continues without compromising on the comfort and quality of learning and teaching,” states Ackermann.

Acer says it will monitor the tools made available by its entire education ecosystem and will update the page daily with relevant information to assist educators with deploying remote learning, managing classes interactively and recording lessons for learners.

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