RDB Consulting ensures zero downtime for Saab Grintek

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There are many measures to outsourcing success, but few outsourced solution providers can claim responsibility for success all the way up the value chain as a result of the services they provide. This is the case in the partnership between Saab Grintek Technologies and its specialist database solution provider, RDB Consulting.

Saab Grintek, a leading empowerment company offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end telecommunications solutions to operators, OEMs, enterprises and government, relies on RDB Consulting for on-demand, mission-critical database support and maintenance. The services RDB Consulting provides to Saab Grintek span its client's mission-critical databases as well.

The partnership was initiated close to six years ago, when Saab Grintek made the decision to outsource its database management, and has grown into a close relationship that has resulted in greater efficiencies for Saab Grintek as well as improved service to its customers.

"The relationship has blossomed over the past four years as a result of RDB Consulting's can-do attitude and the value-adds the company provides," says Jai Perumal, General Manager, Managed Applications at Saab Grintek. "The benefits of those value-adds have moved up the chain, and our customers are receiving the advantages that come with them."

Saab Grintek's need for greater efficiency was the initial motivation for the outsourcing of the mission-critical databases, and RDB Consulting's unique approach has ensured that the company has access to all the skills it needs, when it needs them.

In addition to providing support and maintenance services, RDB Consulting's value-added services to Saab Grintek include site documentation, best practices and database standards, a network and system vulnerability scan, an index optimisation plan, a customised database performance tuning guide, a database audit report, a monthly executive summary report, a weekly database health check report, and a database security audit.

This, says Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting, has been the cornerstone to the successful management of Saab Grintek's database environment. "Aligning with Saab Grintek's business goals, as well as an understanding of the environment, were only the starting points for us. We have ensured that we offer the flexibility that Saab Grintek needs to ensure that its clients never experience any downtime, and our proactive approach has allowed for the close, collaborative relationship that has proven so effective."

The flexibility that Cerny refers to has been evident in past projects, says Perumal, offering peace of mind that all of Saab Grintek's needs will be covered at all times.

"We have access to multiple levels of skill through our partnership with RDB Consulting, at a fair price. There have been times when we needed access to additional database administrator skills to meet a challenge that was beyond the standard skill level we require, or when they had to go over and above the call of duty to see a job through. RDB Consulting's approach provides assurance that the job will get done, and that it will get done without blowing the budget. Our partnership has created a virtuous cycle, where the trust and investment both companies have put into the relationship have resulted in value for all parties - including our customers," Perumal concludes.

RDB Consulting

RDB Consulting is an outsource and consulting company that specialises in five areas: relational databases, operating systems, database security, monitoring and enterprise resource planning. The company provides project management, solutions architecture, ongoing maintenance and key resource support services that cover Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, eBusiness Suite, Oracle Application Server, all flavours of UNIX, Linux and Windows Server.

RDB Consulting's services are designed to provide businesses access to expert technical resources whether full-time, part-time, co-managed or via remote administration. The company's growing list of blue chip clients bear testament to the fact that informed businesses recognise the benefits of selectively outsourcing specialist areas within their organisation that are not core to their business - leaving them to focus on what they do best, while RDB Consulting does the rest.


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