FOXit, Office365 - all-in-all great investment for Aurik

Aldo van Tonder, CEO at FOXit.
Aldo van Tonder, CEO at FOXit.

In a step towards improved communications and collaborations efficiency, Aurik Business Incubator (Aurik) has acquired the services of FOXit to manage and support the implementation of Microsoft's Office365.

Aurik is an established national business incubator that works with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into valuable assets. To date, Aurik has worked with over 750 entrepreneurs across all sectors and industries in South Africa.

Proactive consultation and communication is a vital part of the company's operation. This is a step-by-step and ongoing process that is reliant on effective ICT infrastructure that is not labour-intensive or costly.

The business was using a scheduling tool to set up and manage facilitated sessions with more than 700 entrepreneurs and 20 facilitators. The solution it had in place did not allow customisation for specific requirements and was too costly to maintain.

The company scouted for a product expert to help it with the installation of a solution that is flexible and would enable the required level of customisation.

FOXit is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and service provider focused on project and portfolio management and enterprise project management. The company is also participant of the Finweek/Aurik BizAccelerator Programme, a business development initiative run jointly by the media house and Aurik.

These credentials, in addition to an extensive track-record of service delivery with Microsoft Collaboration, Workflow and SharePoint environments, made the company a natural choice for Aurik.

Pavlo Phitidis, CEO, Aurik Business Incubator.
Pavlo Phitidis, CEO, Aurik Business Incubator.

FOXit put forward Microsoft's Office365 was as the solution of choice, offering functionality and the ability to configure calendars.

“This solution means that our client can use Exchange to manage and maintain contacts, calendars and the total scheduling process of all facilitators and entrepreneurs. With SharePoint, facilitators can collaborate both within the course and offsite, using inherent cloud capabilities,” says Aldo van Tonder, CEO at FOXit.

“It is a tool that everyone is familiar with that facilitates effective costing and collaboration, with remote capabilities,” he adds.

FOXit deployed and configured the solution in less than a day, eliminating the risk of any downtime or delays to client.

Management at Aurik is pleased with the results of its investment in the solution and partnership with FOXit. They have described the service level from FOXit and immediate impact of the solution as “very impressive”.

“The benefit of working with FOXit is that you are dealing with a company that has solid expertise and market experience. They know how best to use collaboration tools, like Microsoft Office365, to ensure that there is maximum benefit and a return on investment,” says Pavlo Phitidis, CEO, Aurik Business Incubator.

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FOXit is a South African established national provider of solutions, service and support focused on project and portfolio management in business.

The company specialises in:

* Project and portfolio management solutions (the design, implementation, consultation and support of the automation of project and portfolio management processes and solutions)
* Business productivity solution
* Microsoft SharePoint solutions
* Mining solutions (specialist product and consulting services to South Africa's mining industry and related industries
* Advanced technology solutions (consulting and implementation of world-class, leading-edge developed products and solutions)

Solutions are based on the Microsoft Business Productivity Stack

The company continues to harness its expertise, experience and technology know-how to refine cloud-based enterprise project management (EPM) services to empower business across a number of industries.

The company is serious about its stance as a progressive, multidimensional service provider that openly challenges the norms that define technology service acquisition and investment.

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