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Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2021
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Jaco Erasmus, Enterprise Manager: Dell EMC at DCC.
Jaco Erasmus, Enterprise Manager: Dell EMC at DCC.

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data vaulting solution, distributed locally by Drive Control Corporation (DCC), addresses organisations’ increasing move towards a cyber resilience posture and offers complete digital vault, data analysis and cyber recovery solution features.

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows organisations to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers:

  • Operational air gap with data isolation and immutability;
  • CyberSense, Dell’s adaptive analytics, machine learning (ML) and forensic tools that monitor data integrity; and
  • Accelerated cyber and ransomware attack data recovery.

“Over the last few years, it has become abundantly clear that to protect business during a cyber attack, the underlying technology needed to be architected differently, safeguarding organisations from a different type of disaster,” says Jaco Erasmus, Enterprise Manager: Dell EMC at DCC.

“The rules of the game had changed, and technology had to adapt. Enter Cyber Recovery (CR), a solution that keeps companies safe and increases the odds of being able to recover from a destructive cyber attack.”

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers a high degree of automation, which means only a few administrators have access to the data. Information is then further secured with security mechanisms, which is managed at a dark site, also known as a Cyber Recovery Vault.

“Organisations are increasingly moving from a focus on cyber security towards a more comprehensive approach known as cyber resilience. This means they want the ability to recover from cyber attacks and resume business operations as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible,” comments Erasmus.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery software also forms part of the company’s PowerProtect DP series of integrated appliances that assist organisations in protecting, managing and recovering data from traditional and modern applications across core data centres, edge locations and public clouds.

The PowerProtect DP series features:

  • Extreme performance: Delivers up to 38% faster backups and up to 45% faster restores.
  • Greater efficiency: Provides up to one petabyte of usable capacity with 30% more logical capacity, with up to 65:1 data reduction, enabling customers to store more data in the same space with more cost-effective systems.
  • Energy savings: Consumes up to 23% less power than previous generations, delivering significant energy and cost-savings.
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