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Johannesburg, 29 Sep 2009
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Soviet Jeans South Africa has entered the mobile business environment, empowering its sales representatives to access the corporate back-office live from client locations, without having to change or replace its existing back-end systems. Soviet Jeans was founded in 1979, and soon made its mark on the South African fashion market.

The company's business processes saw its sales people calling on customers, taking orders manually and then returning to the office to enter the orders in the back-office system.

“This resulted in delays before the orders could be fulfilled,” explains Soviet MD, Solly Zaidel. “As Soviet is expanding, the benefits of introducing an online ordering process mean a better and more efficient experience for our reps and customers.”

Soviet's applications have been developed with the award-winning uniPaaS product. Zaidel was adamant that, when introducing mobility, the company's current back-end systems should not require amendments and there should be no performance impact on the existing environment.

“To create the optimal solution for Soviet, Magix decided to develop a rich Internet application (RIA), using uniPaaS RIA, a platform that allows users to build and deploy rich business applications from a single development framework,” says Hedley Hurwitz, managing director of Magix Integration. “This means sales representatives had access to a rich graphical interface on their laptops that was easy to use, as well as a direct connection into the Soviet back-office system.”

UniPaaS offers a unique solution to companies opting for mobile work. Users interact through a graphical interface in their browsers, but no applications or data is stored on the mobile device. This means there will never be software updates that need to be installed on laptops and the users can't break the application.

“The power of uniPaaS is that it gives you the power to choose how you deploy your applications, whether full or Web client; on-premise or on-demand; software or software as a service; global or local, whatever your business needs,” adds Hurwitz.

Soviet's sales representatives can now takes orders while with customers and have the system confirm stock and pricing in real-time with the company's back-end systems. Any stock issues can be dealt with immediately, resulting in a faster and more accurate service to clients.

Zaidel says the system was commissioned specifically to empower sales people to submit orders remotely, connected directly into the back-office system with the most current data available. Zaidel plans to roll the system out nationwide over the next few months.

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