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PineApp unveils powerful anti-pornography MegaFilter for Mail-SeCure appliances

Organisations can easily eliminate offensive images from corporate E-mail systems.

Johannesburg, 15 Dec 2007
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PineApp Corporation, a global provider of appliance-based solutions for email and network security, today announced it is now shipping Mail-SeCure v3.6 with Porn MegaFilter - a powerful new anti-pornography engine that eliminates pornography from corporate email systems.

In addition to Porn MegaFilter, Mail-SeCure v3.6 includes 14 new features and 11 improvements to current features. "We have been very interested in offering an anti-pornography filter for some time now," stated Uri Zilberman, president of RADirect.

"The market feedback we have received has been very positive and we've had several prospective customers tell us they would purchase Mail-SeCure for the Porn MegaFilter alone," he adds.

"Pornography in the workplace and, especially, in government and educational institutions is intrusive, offensive and expensive, costing millions of dollars in wasted time and potential sexual harassment lawsuits," explained Jacob Fox president and CEO of PineApp Corp.

"Our Porn MegaFilter automatically detects and blocks incoming and outgoing pornographic pictures as well as pictures embedded in PowerPoint presentations, videos and other media. And by using advanced image processing technologies, we can help our customers to comply with the required procedures and protect them from legal action.

"In addition, Porn MegaFilter is allied with IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), a British organisation in the forefront of fighting child pornography, child abuse and paedophilia. IWF maintains and constantly updates its database of current child pornography websites.

This allows Porn MegaFilter to identify email with links to child pornography websites, block them and notify the administrator that the link is being sent. Adam Hils, principal research analyst for SMB Security at Gartner, Inc., commented.

"Small and midsize businesses must protect themselves from liability. SMBs should investigate all available and state and federal regulations to avoid employees' legal suits regarding hostile workplace environments.

"Among the new features in Mail-SeCure v3.6 are a new image-based spam engine, multi-LDAP support, verification of port 80 (to confirm the system is communicating with PineApp's center), the ability to automatically add users to white lists when sending them mail from within the organisation, and an improved recovery mechanism.'

The new release also includes eleven improvements, most of which make it easier for administrators to regulate email as well as generate and graph statistics. PineApp's award-winning Mail-SeCure protects organisations of all sizes from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-SeCure provides a buffer between the Internet and an organisation's email systems, using a full pack of perimeter security layers. Mail-SeCure inspects all email traffic and protects the network from known and emerging threats, such as viruses and new-age virus outbreaks, worms and Trojan-horses, using a five-layer anti-virus system and an eleven-layer multi-technology anti-spam/anti-phishing system.

Existing Mail-SeCure users who wish to add Porn MegaFilter to their Mail-SeCure appliances can download a 30-day free trial from PineApp's website (

Upon purchase of the filter, PineApp will activate the software key. MSRP for the Mail-SeCure v3.6 appliance starts under $2,000 based on the number of users. It is available for immediate delivery through PineApp's worldwide network of distributors and authorized resellers.

PineApp Corporation

PineApp, a leader in securing email systems, offers comprehensive appliance solutions for small, medium and large organizations. Founded in 2002, PineApp has corporate headquarters in Nesher, Israel and American headquarters in Irvine, California, with additional offices in the US, UK, Israel, Italy, Spain and France. In the past five years, PineApp has specialized in email and content security systems and has a significant presence in more than 50 countries. PineApp has established itself as a pioneer in developing unique and innovative technologies to fight Internet and email threats. For more information see


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