Oracle SA gears up to wow techies with second annual Developer Day

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Attracting more than 500 developers with its first annual Developer Day it held in October last year, Oracle South Africa has announced that the next developer and technologist orientated conference will take place on 27 July at Vodaworld in Midrand.

Bev Scott, ISV Channel Manager at Oracle South Africa, says the technology community has a unique opportunity to experience Oracle`s new technology, with an in-depth look at Oracle 10g, live demos of Oracle technology and keynote discussions from international Oracle and Intel representatives delivering the highest level of technical content.

"Because of the sheer volume of information we need to get through at this year`s Developer Day, we have divided the agenda into separate database and developer tracks. The database track will be aimed squarely at the Oracle 10g Database and the development track will be aimed at the use of Oracle 10g Application Server and Oracle Developer Tools in conjunction with the database," Scott explains.

"We expect a significant increase of developers this year, based on the massive growth our ISV community has undergone over the past year. Where last year`s Developer Day was instrumental in showing the development community that Oracle has so much more to offer than a database, this year`s Developer Day will focus on showcasing the new technologies we have brought to market in the interim and why grid computing is a superior concept," Scott continues.

One of the highlights will be the fact that all demonstrations will take place on a 'mini` grid implementation using both the Linux and Windows operating systems. "Last year`s Developer Day gave us an excellent opportunity to talk about the 10g technology and the benefits Oracle will be rolling down the line with its new technology," says Scott. "This year we will be actually showing the technology off in a real world environment.

"The fact that the topic matter will consist mainly of demonstrations and live showcases is something we believe will truly excite local developers. Last year`s response to this format of event was extremely rewarding and with the turnout predicted to be even more impressive this year, we aim to up the ante and deliver even more value to the local technical community," Scott concludes.

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