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Grove announces new Cylance MSSP Endpoint partnership across EMEA with the launch of Grove Guard

Cape Town, 09 May 2022
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Grove has been a Cylance Emerald partner for the past three years and has since graduated to MSSP status after many success stories onboarding enterprise customers like Media24, Autoboys and in Mauritius with AfrAsia Bank and Medine Group to name just a few.

Due to feedback from the market, we could hear a growing need to move to a next-generation AV solution. However, there was an echo of frustration of having been locked into long-term contracts while feeling stuck with existing legacy rules and signature-based solutions for extended periods of time. As AV technologies evolve, so does the cyber threat landscape and it was important that one, our product offering be kept ahead of these changes; two, the commercials and contracts put the end-user in charge of their own destiny; and three, our ongoing cyber security skills and experience is being shared and applied with our customers through our Grove Guard offering.

Product offering

Cylance, founded over a decade ago by two senior ex-McAfee executives (one being the ex-CTO), realised that cyber security requirements were accelerating faster than IT department resources and with a fundamental belief that ransomware and malware prevention is possible by proactively preventing advanced cyber threats through the smart application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cyber security.

Cylance is one of the fastest-growing companies in the history of cyber security, protecting thousands of enterprise clients worldwide, including Fortune 100 organisations and government institutions.

Commercials – Giving control back to the customer

Our relationship with Cylance spans over three years, becoming an Emerald Reseller, securing a 98% renewal rate, gave us the confidence in our MSSP partnership with Cylance to carry over the negotiated terms for our MSSP program to our customers, enabling us to position month-to-month contracts, where you only get billed for what you are using, including 60-day free evaluation periods.

Grove Guard, powered by Cylance, offers customers a powerful MDR solution with AI and ML at its core, while being a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining scarce cyber security skills. We offer a 24/7 desk supported by a dedicated account management team and accredited security engineers to facilitate excellent day-to-day working relationships while ensuring clear escalation paths for issues management.

We’ve built a reputation for excellence in delivering not only technical support, but in helping to maintain oversight and strategic direction of evolving technology environments. So, whatever the size of your organisation or the endpoints you manage, Grove can help.

Our consultants provide the in-depth knowledge and investigative experience organisations need to minimise their cyber risk exposure and defeat persistent, well-funded attacks. Working together, we help clients address the full spectrum of cyber security challenges and construct a strong and effective security posture utilising prevention-first methodologies.

Grove Guard gives you the following:

  • Service set-up and onboarding – Customised product configuration, optimisation and assurance;
  • Continuous threat hunting – Collate forensic data and convert alert noise into threat intelligence;
  • Incident response and investigation support with access to one of our engineers;
  • Reporting – quarterly audit assessment on a customer’s environment; and
  • Training – IT administrator console training as required to ensure your team is skilled up fast.

“As a mature Cylance Emerald partner in EMEA and now an MSSP, Grove is excited to deepen our partnership with Cylance that continuously helps our customers from the forever unknown. As a preventative measure, Grove advises its global customers to venture beyond the use of 'old paradigm rules and signature-based cyber tools' to protect themselves. Today, it’s recommended that customers add AI and ML-based cyber security tools to ‘fight fire with fire'. This will allow companies to have a better chance of fending off these advanced cyber attacks as AI offers an 'always on and continuous learning mode' of prevention,” emphasises Denis Fry, Accounts Director at Grove.

More about Grove and Cylance

Grove has been providing next-generation cyber security tools for over 17 years to our customers in 52 countries. We have been an Cylance Emerald partner for three years across EMEA and have recently signed up as the only Cylance MSSP partner in Africa. We are proud to be working with Cylance and we were recently named as the Cylance partner of the year for Top New Logos in the article: “Honoring Partnerships That Protect and Prevent Cybersecurity Threats Worldwide”. Grove has already signed up a number of our customers globally onto the Cylance Cyber suite and is excited to add more very soon.

“Grove has immensely contributed to the growth and promotion of Cylance in the region and its security specialists have proven they can address the challenges in today's complex and sophisticated business environments. Having recently attained the highest level of partnership with its Emerald Accreditation, Grove is in a fantastic position to deliver wider access to our leading suite of enterprise solutions with world-class support, helping advance their cyber security strategies," says Axel Conrad, Senior Director, Cylance, EMEA Channel Sales

Cylance provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world. The company secures more than 500 million endpoints including more than 195 million vehicles. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions in the areas of cyber security, safety and data privacy, and is a leader in the areas of endpoint security, endpoint management, encryption and embedded systems.

The company is widely recognised for its intelligent security software and services and believes that it delivers the broadest set of security capabilities in the market to connect, protect and manage IOT endpoints. The company leverages its extensive technology portfolio to offer best-in-class cyber security, safety and reliability to enterprise customers in government, regulated industries and other core verticals.

Should you wish to know more about Grove Guard, do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website at

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