Five benefits of EUCafrica DaaS for Azure

Johannesburg, 04 Nov 2020
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Today’s employees need to be able to work from any location, on any device. But giving them always-on remote access to apps and data can compromise your information security and eat away at your IT resources and budget.

That’s where EUCafrica desktops as a service (DaaS) for Azure solutions come in. Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency and Citrix virtualisation specialist EUCafrica provides the simplest, easiest way to ensure employees have everything they need to be productive while enhancing information security.

EUCafrica DaaS for Azure lets you pay for only what you need, when you need it. You decide where and when to deliver desktops and applications on demand. EUCafrica takes care of the rest.

Here are five ways EUCafrica DaaS for Azure will benefit your business:

1. Company data stays safe

Too often, empowering employees to work from anywhere leads to a rise in security risks. EUCafrica DaaS for Azure provides a safe access point for your users and significantly simplifies security for IT. If a device is lost, stolen or infected, your sensitive data stays safely stored in the cloud and not on the device.

2. Costs are kept low and moves from capex to opex

With a simple pay-as-you-go subscription model, it couldn’t be easier to keep costs in check. EUCafrica DaaS for Azure lets you easily spin up desktops to support temporary workers or offshore contractors as needed, and then decommission during slower seasons. There’s no need to devote capital expenses to the data centre, or to expensive hardware that sits idle.

3. You optimise your existing or planned investments in Microsoft software and Azure infrastructure

EUCafrica DaaS for Azure allows you to optimise the performance of Office applications included in your Microsoft365 subscriptions, particularly Outlook and One Drive. Windows virtualisation benefits included in your Windows 10 Enterprise investments are maximised through using Windows 10 Multi Session benefits that are unique to Azure. Use existing Azure credits included within your enterprise agreements and integrate seamlessly with any existing Azure AD, Azure Networking and Azure Security components.

4. Employees will remain productive from any location, on any device, over any network

To remain productive, employees need to communicate and collaborate virtually – and they don’t want to be slowed down by slow logons and network lag. EUCafrica DaaS for Azure equips teams with crystal-clear audio and video, no matter where work is getting done. Even the most graphic-intensive apps stay fast, regardless of location and network connection.

5. You’ll keep things simple for IT

With IT teams already stretched thin, it helps to have a ready-to-go solution for supporting employees. There are no extra updates to make or patches to manage with EUCafrica DaaS for Azure, and there’s no need to invest in new hardware. Turnkey service and an easy to-use Web management console keep maintenance to a minimum.

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