JMR Software seals new UK partnership with The Data Company Group

The Data Company Group will work with JMR to help companies migrate data into new systems rapidly, while reducing their clients’ risk.

Johannesburg, South Africa and London, 11 Sep 2019
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Mike Richards, CEO of JMR Software
Mike Richards, CEO of JMR Software

JMR Software is proud to announce a partnership with The Data Company Group to provide JMR’s Data Migration-as-a-Service offering to its UK clients and prospects. 

Mike Richards, CEO of JMR Software, says: “In order for your business and all stakeholders to have confidence in a new system, achieving a successful migration is critical. The Data Company Group was looking for best-of-breed data migration services, and we are looking forward to developing a successful partnership.

“Over the past 30 years, JMR has been protecting the movement of data and significantly mitigating data migration risks for numerous projects in the UK. Our team’s expertise has also led to a long and enviable track record of completing every project on time and in budget. We achieve this by using a proven data migration methodology and our unique data migration application.” 

Kali Bagary, CEO of The Data Company Group
Kali Bagary, CEO of The Data Company Group

The partnership in the UK has been founded on a UK Guidewire implementation and is expected to increase JMR Software's revenues and drive new levels of growth while expanding its channels into the UK market. JMR is rapidly expanding its data migration practice based on increasing worldwide demand for its Data Migration- as-a-Service offering, BITSHIFT. 

Kali Bagary, the founder and CEO of The Data Company Group, says: “Many people say that ‘data is the new oil’, but I believe this is only the case if it can be easily accessed, interrogated and used to predict better outcomes, whether this is increasing revenue or profit, or improving customer experience. Far too many companies have data, but it is often in difficult-to-reach, disparate locations. 

"In working with JMR, we will be able to help companies migrate data into new systems rapidly, while reducing their clients’ risk. Our focus is solely on enabling companies to optimise their data to deliver the best possible return for all their stakeholders.” 

Bloor Research puts the failure rate of data migration projects at 38%, while Gartner says more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and are likely to result in some form of business disruption because of flawed execution.

“Our strategy is to continue to grow strong and strategic partnerships around the world with companies which need to give their clients absolute assurance of data migration success,” says Richards.

JMR Software Pty Ltd

JMR Software has been helping its financial services customers to deliver technology that keeps pace with market demands for over 30 years. Established as an independent South African company, JMR Software also has strong international roots and relationships (particularly in the UK) that are built on integrity, expertise, capability and years of successful delivery. JMR Software understands the importance of the data migration process and has developed a unique set of tools as part of its comprehensive BITSHIFT Data Migration as a Service. Deployed by data migration experts it also follows a proven methodology that has resulted in 100% delivery track record of all projects completed on time and within budget.

For further press information, please contact John Bancroft, JMR Software Sales -& Marketing Manager in the UK at  or call on +44 (0) 7967 388 308 or contact Susan van Zyl in South Africa at or call on +27 (0) 72 408 0118.  For more information see

The Data Company Group Limited

The Data Company Group is a product and services company helping enterprise achieve their data ambitions. We harness data from a wide variety of sources and compile it to a Big Data platform. We collaborate with and have formed strong partnerships with leading Link Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Migration and Data Visualisation technology providers. For more information see

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