Galix wins 2022 SonicWall partner of the year award

Johannesburg, 10 Aug 2022
Herman Augustus, Sales Manager at Galix.
Herman Augustus, Sales Manager at Galix.

Galix Networking, specialised information security services provider and the first SonicWall Platinum partner in Africa, has been named the 2022 SonicWall Partner of the Year for Enterprise in the sub-Saharan Africa territory. This is the second year running that Galix has been awarded this accolade, highlighting the company's commitment to partnership and growth.

“We have been in partnership with SonicWall for 22 years in a collaborative effort to deliver information security solutions and services to our customers. We are honoured and proud to have received this award in recognition of our team’s tireless dedication and shared commitment to both SonicWall and our customers,” says Herman Augustus, Sales Manager at Galix.

The annual SonicWall Security Awards recognise key partners and distributors across the globe for their special contribution to protecting customers from cyber threats. The awards highlight and recognise partners and distributors that have gone above and beyond delivering cyber security solutions to customers.

Award nominees are evaluated on their portfolio distribution, online activities, project success rate and certification levels as well as commitment and feedback from the team. Galix achieved excellent performance across these criteria, testament to the strength of their relationship with SonicWall and their commitment to achieving excellence.

Galix strategically partners with leading cyber security vendors such as SonicWall to deliver cutting-edge, relevant cyber security technology solutions. They also offer support, consulting and advisory services to help customers navigate the changing cyber security environment. In the ‘new normal’ hybrid workforce environment, this is more important than ever.

Businesses need to protect data while providing secure remote access to company resources, cloud applications and e-mails from anywhere at any time, from a multiple range of devices, to enable employees to perform their jobs, responsibilities and duties securely and effectively.

“As the cyber security threat landscape has evolved over the years, so too has our relationship with SonicWall – our success as a partnership relies on a mutual two-way commitment. By maximising on our shared knowledge and expertise, Galix and SonicWall continue to work together towards a common goal of closing information security gaps for our customers,” Augustus concludes.

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