Independent research firm cites ESET as strong performer in Endpoint and Detection Response 2018 report

Cape Town, 20 Jul 2018
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ESET, a global leader in information security software, has been named a "strong performer" in The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Detection And Response, Q3 2018, report.

ESET was among the 12 select companies that were invited to participate by Forrester, and which were identified in the evaluation as the most significant endpoint detection and response (EDR) providers.

The report "shows how each provider measures up and helps security and risk (S&R) professionals make the right choice".

Analysing EDR solutions, the authors commented: "EDR has come to define any endpoint product that performs behavioural analyses and exposes some ability to respond to threats," with capabilities often ranging widely. The report considered the "strategies of the different vendors" and segmented the EDR market into three target customer uses:

* EP solutions for automated detection for management simplicity;
* Solutions that empower analyst-led threat hunting for detecting sophisticated actors; and
* Platform vendors with key functionality embedded across their portfolio.

After examining past research, user need assessments, and vendor and expert interviews, Forrester developed a comprehensive set of 20 criteria to evaluate the EDR providers. These were grouped into three categories, current offering, strategy and market presence, with ESET achieving the highest score possible in the market approach criterion within the strategy category.

Evaluating ESET's EDR tool, ESET Enterprise Inspector, the report stated: "ESET offers a combined EDR/EP single-agent solution with reporting and threat hunting capabilities exposed through a unified remote administrator dashboard, which provides a single view into all of your ESET security products." The report also stated: "Information is presented thoughtfully with intuitive controls, while more powerful functionality lies just under the hood for more advanced users who wish to define their own alert conditions."

Key takeaways from the report focused on the growth of the EDR market, stating that "more S&R professionals see EDR as a way to address their top challenges". It concludes that this is in large part due to "more S&R pros increasingly trusting EDR providers to act as strategic partners..." It also details that "as legacy endpoint technologies become outdated and malicious cyber campaigns grow more sophisticated, improved threat detection, response, and hunting will dictate which providers will lead the pack."

ESET South Africa CEO, Carey van Vlaanderen, says: "We think ESET's recognition as a 'strong performer' in the latest Forrester Wave: Endpoint Detection And Response report demonstrates our commitment to providing an excellent EDR tool. We are extremely proud to offer a sophisticated combination of strong endpoint protection with an EDR solution. We believe this technology to be especially important for providing increased visibility as well as enhanced detection and response capabilities for ESET customers."

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