IOT dives into the swimming pool

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Internet of things (IOT) solutions provider SqwidNet has partnered with swimming pool solutions provider PoolSense to develop an IOT solution aimed at managing water and chemical quality in commercial and private swimming pools.

Established in 2016 by connected home solutions provider Pro Automation, PoolSense aims to take the complexity and frustration out of pool care, through its pool maintenance products and services.

Through the partnership, SqwidNet utilises its IOT expertise, via its relationship with global communications and IOT service provider Sigfox, to boost the connectivity and long-range capabilities in PoolSense’s offerings.

With over a million residential pools in SA, the partnership has enabled the development of a solution that is capable of intelligently monitoring water quality around the clock, say the companies.

It analyses pool-related data and sends notifications via a smartphone app and provides alerts that let the user know what chemicals to add to keep their pool water crystal clear.

“The industry has been looking for the next big thing in pool care and it has finally arrived,” says Phathizwe Malinga, CEO SqwidNet.

“PoolSense is about to revolutionise how owners in both the public and private sector take care of their swimming pools. Instead of users taking samples of water to stand in queues for analysis and purchasing costly chemicals, now they use their app to manage and monitor water quality consistently.”

Centurion-based SqwidNet was launched in 2016, and has a growing partner network, aimed at giving businesses access to an IOT ecosystem. The company began through a partnership between Dark Fibre Africa and Sigfox.

Sigfox today has presence in 60 countries and covers a billion people with its global network.

PoolSense says it has an embedded long-range, low-power IOT system that is powered by a two-year battery life. It can be used in remote locations around the world and is rugged enough to withstand challenging conditions.

Users download the app, swipe a magnet to link the device, and gain actionable insights all year round.

“Working with PoolSense has allowed us to leverage our IOT capabilities and our relationship with Sigfox to create a truly remarkable product that improves quality of life. It has also been an excellent opportunity to showcase the potential of South African manufacturing and the innovative use of IOT technology,” adds Malinga.

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