Sensitive data discovery: foundation of security and compliance (POPIA)

Johannesburg, 14 May 2019
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Zenith Systems, industry veteran in cyber security, will be sharing with ITWeb Security Summit delegates how the Spirion sensitive data tool provides a holistic view of sensitive data across the enterprise.

Murray Benadie, MD of Zenith Systems, says: "Accurately locating all your sensitive data across both structured and unstructured data sources creates a foundation for effective data security. Organisations that wish to secure their data and be compliant with legislation, such as POPIA, must be able to trawl their data across the spectrum in which it may be stored; this includes databases, e-mails, graphics, spreadsheets, file shares, etc, to discover and then manage this data. They must also be able to search not only for standard data types such as credit card data, addresses, etc, but also organisation-specific data such as loyalty programmes.

ITWeb Security Summit 2019

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"Once the sensitive data is discovered, accurate classification and management of the data results in a reduction in the sensitive data sprawl and thus greater security and compliance. Of huge significance is that the average reduction in sensitive data sprawl is 99.5% with Spirion.

"Ad hoc searches for specific data must be quick and easy, for example, if a customer calls a service provider call centre to ask why their data is being used for outreach, then the company must be able to search across the enterprise to discover where that particular customer data is stored and then quarantine, obfuscate or delete it in accordance with 'right to be forgotten' principles.

"It is with the above in mind that Zenith Systems markets and supports the Spirion sensitive data management platform."


Spirion, headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, is the leader in the rapid discovery and classification for protection of sensitive data across your network and public cloud. Spirion provides enterprise data management software to help businesses reduce their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimise the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyber attacks.

Spirion helps organisations avoid costly data breaches by discovering, classifying, monitoring and protecting personal information, medical records, credit card numbers, and intellectual property stored across the enterprise, within e-mail, and in the cloud. Spirion specialises in the high-precision search and automated classification of unstructured data using its AnyFind engine's unparalleled accuracy when analysing human-generated text and images. Spirion has thousands of customers among leading firms in the healthcare, public sector, retail, education, financial services, energy, industrial and entertainment markets.

Zenith Systems

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Zenith Systems, based in Johannesburg, specialises in supplying, implementing and supporting cyber security solutions. Over the last nine years, Zenith Systems has deployed these at many of the major corporate and government institutions in South Africa.

In addition to Spirion, Zenith Systems also deploys solutions for RDA (robotic decision automation, automated security analyst), SIEM, cyber deception and cog-sec, which is designed to change, at a cognitive level, risky user behaviour pertaining to e-mail and Web use.

Contact: Murray Benadie
Tel: (011) 513 3473

ITWeb Security Summit 2019

In an increasingly connected, digital world, cyber security threats are constantly evolving and increasing in number and sophistication. Security professionals need to be up to speed with the latest technologies, techniques and skills for predicting and mitigating potentially crippling cyber attacks, the methods and tools in use by today's threat actors, and the latest legal and compliance demands. ITWeb Security Summit 2019, now in its 14th year, will again bring together leading international and local industry experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers, demystify emerging cyber security strategies in AI, blockchain, IOT, DevSecOps and more, and explain how to increase an organisation's cyber resilience.

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