Rittal displays edge computing for key industries

Turnkey edge data centres for successful digitisation.

Johannesburg, 17 Aug 2018
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Rittal and its partners ABB and HPE offer the Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC), a turnkey solution for data centers that is specially designed for operation in harsh industrial environments.
Rittal and its partners ABB and HPE offer the Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC), a turnkey solution for data centers that is specially designed for operation in harsh industrial environments.

* Setting up and expanding new IT quickly, safe and economically.
* Turnkey IT and fail-safe solutions for all edge scenarios, from smart industry to smart mobility.

Rittal's innovative edge computing solutions for a large number of industries was recently launched. Preconfigured and modular systems help businesses to implement new IT infrastructures quickly, securely and economically at almost any location.

The demand for new data centres is being driven by the digital transformation and the growing importance of data as a production factor. This means that not only is the amount of data increasing, but also the demand for quickly available data near the place of origin.

Smart applications in all industries, from smart healthcare to smart finance, demand short latency, an uninterrupted availability of data and system-wide security. Besides that, industry-specific requirements exist, such as the need for particularly high physical protection in harsh manufacturing environments. Edge data centres can meet these requirements in numerous applications.

Edge computing in practice: smart industry

Manufacturing is being transformed by digitisation: IT systems are needed to fully exploit the benefits of the increased automation that results from the use of intelligent robots and networked machines. Sensors generate continuous data streams. Analysis of this data lets companies streamline production processes, test and improve product properties, or prepare predictive maintenance scenarios.

Smart finance for secure banking

Issues such as crypto-currency, blockchain or cashless transactions are triggering innovations in the financial industry. The use of the related new technologies calls for secure and powerful IT systems. Edge data centres, strategically close to financial service providers, permit the shortest response times and a secure automation of transactions.

Rittal offers edge and cloud data centres that support all the needs of the financial sector, right up to high performance computing (HPC).

Smart mobility: Getting from A to B in a clever way

Developments like driverless vehicles, car-sharing platforms or intelligent logistics software are changing the way people and goods move from one place to another. The aviation and rail industries are also increasingly digitising their services to achieve greater efficiency, safety and punctuality. For these and other future applications, companies will need modern IT infrastructures that can process large amounts of data in real time directly at such locations as logistics hubs, smart cities, or airports. Edge data centers are suitable for this decentralised development of IT capacities, as only they offer the short latency needed for real-time communication between IT systems.

Smart solutions for improved health

Modern healthcare systems today are an intelligent network between pharmacies, hospitals, insurers, and healthcare providers. The patient data stored in this network demand a high level of data availability and a maximum of protection against unauthorised access. In operating theatres, physicians must be able to rely on accurate and readily available data, while in diagnostic imaging, it is important to be able to process even very large amounts of data quickly at different locations. An edge data centre can handle this confidential information with a high performance and directly on-site, ensuring a very high level of security.

With the Micro Data Center Level E, Rittal is presenting an IT environment with top physical security, including both access and fire protection.


Rittal, headquartered in Herborn, Germany, is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, as well as software and services. System solutions from Rittal can be found in more than 90% of all global branches of industry, including mechanical and plant engineering, food and beverages, IT and telecommunications.

The wide range of products from the global market leader includes configurable enclosures, whose data is available throughout the entire production process. Intelligent Rittal cooling solutions with up to 75% lower energy and CO2 consumption can communicate with the production environment and enable predictive maintenance and service concepts. Innovative IT solutions ranging from IT racks and modular data centres through to edge and hyperscale computing solutions all form part of the portfolio.

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