First Technology National becomes first local Cloudamize partner

First Technology leverages automated analytics to improve the speed and accuracy of its public cloud migration services.

Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2018
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Corne du Preez, First Technology National's Cloud Services Manager.
Corne du Preez, First Technology National's Cloud Services Manager.

ICT leader First Technology National has become the first IT services company to bring the Cloudamize cloud computing analytics platform to South Africa. This world-class platform gives organisations the automation and in-depth insights to migrate to the public cloud with greater speed, less expense, and more accuracy than achievable through manual data collection and analysis.

Cloud-based architectures have captured the imaginations of South African businesses in recent years - promising scalable, elastic resources, more palatable opex-based cost models, and enhanced ability for the businesses to deliver new digital services to customers.

"2018 is the year for hybrid cloud," notes Corne du Preez, First Technology National's Cloud Services Manager. "With tier one players like Microsoft and Amazon opening their South African data centres, solutions like Cloudamize minimise the risk, costs and complexity of migrating."

Cloudamize provides an in-depth performance analysis of on-premises compute, storage and network resources. The platform runs this data through its benchmarks and analytics engine to recommend the right-sized compute, storage and network settings in the cloud for each workload. It then provides organisations with a detailed yet clear understanding of what their cost and performance will be in the cloud based on these recommended settings, which ensure each workload is getting the best possible performance at the lowest possible cost. Armed with the insights and confidence to move forward with migration, companies leverage the Cloudamize platform for all aspects of migration planning - from automated discovery and dependency mapping to designing phased migrations and building move groups.

"With local data centres launching this year, it's critical for clients to have data-driven intelligence around the workload they want to migrate to the cloud," states Du Preez. "Leveraging technology solutions like Cloudamize, which adds automation and intelligence to migration planning, ensures smooth execution during migrations to the cloud."

Cloudamize platform guides organisations through the following essential phases of migration:

* Cloud-ready assessment - Gain a detailed, accurate picture of predicted costs and performance in the cloud to ensure confidence in the decision to migrate and accelerate cloud adoption.
* Cloud migration planning - Efficiently design a successful roadmap to the cloud that ensures cost-performance optimisation at the moment applications migrate.
* Migration execution - Integrate migration plans into any cloud migration tool to migrate workloads with speed and accuracy and accelerate overall migration to the cloud.
* Validation - Validate that migrated applications are operating in the cloud as they were on-premises and receive recommendations on how to address any connectivity issues.

"We're excited to partner with First Technology National and empower them to make the best possible cloud decisions faster and easier for their clients," says Khushboo Shah, Head of Cloudamize. "By leveraging automation and in-depth analytics, First Technology can significantly accelerate the time it takes to migrate their clients while ensuring their customers immediately achieve maximum cost-performance optimisation in the cloud."

"With Cloudamize, firms get actionable data to guide their migration path, leaving no reason not to embrace the power of cloud computing," notes Du Preez. "As the digital economy demands greater agility and innovation, cloud platforms are critical to position local organisations for success."

First Technology National

First Technology National is an IT company that provides the critical support and management of hardware and software solutions to ensure an ongoing partnership with its customers that delivers real value. The company minimises the risks associated with the deployment of new technologies while providing competitive total cost of IT ownership that delivers a compelling return on investment. Trusted by its clients to find innovative solutions - from hardware and software to basic configuration and advanced design implementation, and even financing - First Technology is one of South Africa's leading single-source providers of IT products and services.

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