IBD earns first Arbor certification outside US

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The IBD Group, local distributor for Arbor Software products, has become the first Arbor Certified Training Centre outside of Arbor Software in the US itself.

"This is gratifying endorsement of our training centre and our whole approach to training," says Dave Welmans, IBD group training director. "We`ve been named Arbor`s best distributor worldwide for the last two years. This certification reaffirms Arbor`s support for our competence in this country."

Welmans says IBD had experienced a chronic shortage of training materials to deliver against training needed by the rapidly growing Arbor Essbase customer base. "This was our biggest inhibitor in the training arena. We have since developed our own training material to ensure we could meet customer needs and augment the material provided by Arbor," he adds.

IBD business intelligence consultants have a collective 110 years` implementation experience, which has been a key factor in the success of the training centre, says Welmans.

IBD training consultant Heather Botes ensures skill levels of people on training are correctly matched. "This ensures the productivity of the group as a whole," says Botes. "Having people speed ahead or lag behind is counter-productive to the aims of the course. A well matched group enhances the group experience. When there is a smaller group of differently skilled individuals, we do customised courses or workshops to suit specific needs."

Welmans says the centre has trained more than 200 delegates and run over 1 000 training days this year.

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