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BEA WebLogic Server enhances Necho`s automated T&E solution, NavigatER, with increased scalability and performance

BEA WebLogic Server`s EJB and RMI implementation provides flexibility for rapid enterprise deployment of NavigatER
Johannesburg, 06 May 1999
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BEA Systems, Inc. have announced that Necho Systems Corp., a leader in global cost-controlling solutions for automated expense processing, has integrated BEA WebLogic Server into NavigatER, their travel and entertainment (T&E) software. With BEA WebLogic Server, Necho is able to deliver a robust and flexible expense report payment and processing application allowing companies to save time and money by automating the entry and handling of travel and employee purchases.

NavigatER automates each activity within T&E processing, from expense claim creation through verification, audit, and payment. Extending to procurement, NavigatER easily integrates with mission-critical business applications, including corporate card payment, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and human resource (HR) systems. With the BEA WebLogic Server`s multi-tier architecture, NavigatER can support multiple platforms and scale to thousands of users.

"We`re building on our best-in-class vision by using BEA WebLogic Server within NavigatER for greater performance, reliability, and flexibility," said Scott Anderson, president and founder of Necho Systems Corp. "NavigatER can now migrate business functionality within our software to the middle tier in a more robust manner, delivering an industrial-strength solution for automated expense processing across the enterprise."

"By developing their application based on a multi-tier architecture and BEA WebLogic Server, Necho Systems can now deliver the flexibility and investment protection their customers need," said Scott Dietzen, chief technology officer at WebXpress, a BEA company. "With BEA WebLogic Server Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) implementation, Necho can deploy enhancements across the enterprise in a timely, cost-effective manner, saving organizational IT resources for core business projects."

NavigatER utilizes BEA WebLogic Server support forEJB, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), and Component Object Model (COM) technologies to increase scalability, extend interface capabilities with client`s business applications, and deliver a superior deployment model. This also helps allow easy, cost-effective deployment throughout the enterprise with a standard Web browser - helping to maximize employee productivity and cost savings.

BEA WebLogic Server also provides NavigatER Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security, allowing for end-to-end encryption of information from the client to the database. This helps ensure a safe transfer of data while maintaining an open solution that runs on most platforms and is consistent with industry standards. SSL is the most widely accepted protocol for implementing secure connections on the Web. BEA WebLogic Server Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) supports NavigatER authentication of users via a central repository using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connection - a benefit for companies moving towards a single sign-on strategy for users. Organizations may store authentication information (passwords, logins, and certificates) in the LDAP central repository. NavigatER can access any LDAP-compliant directory using platform - independent interfacing.

The BEA WebLogic Server JDBC drivers enable access to information stored in the back-end systems and databases. The use of RMI and EJB helps to easily centralize business logic at the middle tier, creating a very thin client, such as HTML, while not sacrificing robust application functionality. Thin-client architectures, otherwise known as multi-tier or n-tier architectures, separate software processes into presentation, business logic, and data access. One of the core benefits of the architecture in NavigatER is the ability to efficiently deploy the application from the server to the desktop via a browser, thus eliminating the administrative task of installing the software on each desktop.

NavigatER, deployed to Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and MAC desktop operating systems, resides on Sun`s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with connections to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, and makes extensive use of servlets, Web page compilation, COM integration, and connection pooling from BEA WebLogic Server. In addition, NavigatER works with any standard Web browser. With zero-install clients and centralized system administration, BEA WebLogic Server lowers cost of ownership significantly for NavigatER customers.

Necho Systems Corporation

Necho Systems Corp. is a pioneering leader of global cost-controlling software for automated expense processing. Dedicated to delivering high return-on-investment results, Necho`s travel and entertainment (T&E) solution, NavigatER, automates every activity within T&E processing, from expense claim creation through verification, audit and payment. Extending to procurement, Necho`s solutions can be easily integrated with mission-critical business applications, including corporate card payment, ERP and HR systems. Necho has specialized in T&E software solutions since 1995 and has many prominent clients including American Electric Power, Genentech Inc., and AT&T Asia Pacific. Necho has partnered with industry leaders in the charge card, banking travel, and technology sectors to offer a complete solution for each client. Necho has offices in, Washington, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto and Ottawa. For more information on Necho, contact, 1-800-NECHOSC, or visit their Website at

BEA Systems

BEA Systems, Inc., is a leading provider of mission-critical middleware and Internet solutions for the world`s largest enterprises. BEA`s product line enables end-to-end, integrated solutions for electronic-commerce and business-critical systems. BEA products include BEA TUXEDO, the industry`s market share leader for distributed transaction management software; BEA WebLogic, a leading application server family providing CORBA, Java, and EJB solutions; and BEA eLink, a solution for integrating enterprise applications. BEA is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and has 50 offices in 24 countries. The company`s common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol `"BEAS." Additional information on BEA is available on the Internet at

BEA, TUXEDO, and WebLogic are registered trademarks of BEA Systems, Inc. eLink is a trademark of BEA Systems, Inc. Java, Enterprise JavaBeans, and JDBC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the company with which they are associated.

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