Cyberoam turns to data protection

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Cyberoam, a provider of unified threat management (UTM) appliances, is expanding its market strategy to offer endpoint data protection in Africa.

Cyberoam's Endpoint Data Protection solution was rolled out this week and aims to address the security challenges of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It offers data protection and encryption, device management, application control and asset management.

The plug-and-play solution also provides logging, reporting, encryption and policy-drive controls. According to the company, the offering prevents data loss, improves security and employee productivity, and enables efficient management of IT assets while retaining business flexibility. It also helps companies meet regulatory and security compliance requirements.

Untapped market

Cyberoam country manager, Alkesh Soneji, says: “SA and eastern countries are coming out of the recession; we are seeing huge growth in the market and we are trying to drive this solution into the South African market.”

Last week, Cyberoam held product training sessions for its channel partners in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Soneji says all its existing UTM resellers will sell the data protection solution as well.

According to Soneji, the network security market is being flooded, with more security players coming in. “What we found was that most of the vendors are focusing on enterprise solutions; which are too expensive for SMEs,” says Soneji. “But SMEs also have confidential data that they need to protect. We decided to go into this untapped market to give them a solution that's affordable to them.”

Portable threats

According to Cyberoam, unrestricted data transfer to removable devices like USB and CD/DVD drives, or through e-mail, instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications, is resulting in rising security breaches of businesses' confidential information.

Soneji explains that one of the major challenges SMEs face is managing the data coming in and out of portable devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, and portable hard drives.

“The second biggest challenge is users transferring confidential information through Skype, MSN and Yahoo, and chatting through instant messaging applications. The new solution sits at the desktop level and data can be blocked or a backup copy can be made so the administrator can monitor what files are being transferred,” says Soneji.

Cyberoam is offering a 30-day free trial of the product, available on its Web site.

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