RIM commits to open source SDK

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RIM commits to open source SDK

Canadian phone maker Research In Motion (RIM) has said the Native software development kit (SDK) for BlackBerry 10 will be committed to open source, The Inquirer reports.

The firm, which has a history of basing its business on being a closed system, is shifting more to open source. Its upcoming BlackBerry 10 Native SDK will include many open source code resources.

“So BlackBerry 10 here is committed, as ever, to open standards and meeting developers on their turf, on their terms, and driving content into our ecosystem,” Social Barrel quotes Chris Smith, VP of Application Platform and Tools at RIM, as saying.

“In fact, our entire Web platform, so the Webworks framework, which takes HTML5 outside the browser in a secure environment, and our Ripple Web IDE, is all being done as open source development out there in the open, so we are really committed to driving this open community commitment,” he adds.

The move, according to many industry experts, has come from the company as its top executives realised the plight faced by the developer community in coming up with new, unique offerings for the platform, IT Pro Portal writes.

Developers often express their disappointment by stating how RIM's closed ecosystem is causing a great deal of inconvenience for them to come up with new offerings on a regular basis.

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