Cisco Connect SSA 2019: Unpacking the chaos and wonder of a hyper-connected world

The 2019 event has expanded its footprint to include industry specialists from sub-Saharan Africa as well as small and medium businesses.

Johannesburg, 09 Jan 2019
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Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco.
Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco.

The flagship Cisco Connect Sub-Saharan Africa 2019 event will outline how to unlock these new possibilities across communities, countries and economic realities, all enabled by the power of networks. The event will be held at Sun City, in South Africa, from 19 to 21 May 2019.

It will provide a platform for attendees and experts to exchange ideas, discuss new advances in technology and identify emerging trends impacting the technology ecosystem.

The hyper-connected future is here. New innovations, new disruptions and entirely new industries are emerging. A company's sustainability will depend on its ability to understand and securely harness the power of its connections, to find patterns and intelligence in the data, to forge new connections and create new networks that anticipate and respond to customer needs and shifting market conditions.

This year's event is themed: 'Say hello to the future' and will explore how businesses in sub-Saharan Africa can transform their IT ecosystems while becoming more responsive to changing trends going forward. It also presents a unique opportunity for businesses to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills on the technologies they already use, and those they will rely on in the future.

"We want our customers to thrive in today's new realities. Simplifying the chaos by achieving new levels of security, networking and multi-cloud functionality. Sparking wonder and innovation by connecting humans and machines on a massive scale, enabling new levels of productivity and unlocking new ways to tie business performance to IT performance," says Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for Cisco in sub-Saharan Africa.

The conference represents a big shift for Cisco on two fronts. For the first time, the event will be open to 25 sub-Saharan African countries, and secondly, it includes SMEs and start-up partners.

Cisco Connect SSA will showcase the latest products and solutions that exist in the technology ecosystem. Delegates can choose between 60 breakout sessions, structured around the four pillars of collaboration, security, digital transformation and enterprise network. They will also have the opportunity to interact with Cisco experts to keep current on the latest products, technologies and network solutions.

More than 1 100 partners are expected to attend, ranging across service provider, enterprise and small and medium businesses. Cisco customers and partners are investing in their technology and showcasing how they co-exist, how they craft solutions on Cisco platforms and their ability to showcase technology that solves industry problems.

Naidoo says: "Cisco Connect Sub-Saharan Africa will be afrocentric and relevant to delegates from the region. The content and agenda is tailored to the unique interests, challenges and issues of the region and will illustrate how global trends and today's big ideas fit into the local context."

Interested delegates are encouraged to register at, where they will be able to find additional information around the agenda, speakers and sponsors.

Watch a message around Cisco Connect 2019 from Clayton Naidoo, GM for Cisco in sub-Saharan Africa, here.

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