Partnerships a key focus for Inspired Testing into 2020

Through its Trusted Partnership Programme, the company aims to strengthen the business by providing integrated, advanced software quality assurance solutions to its partners and clients.

Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2020
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Nadine du Toit, Executive Head: Africa, Inspired Testing.
Nadine du Toit, Executive Head: Africa, Inspired Testing.

The launch of the Inspired Testing Trusted Partnership Programme brings on board a host of capabilities, through specialised partnerships that have the skill and expertise to add exceptional software-testing value, to existing and new clients.

The programme, launched in December 2019, will see the business focus heavily on broadening its solutions, expanding its industry knowledge and giving clients access to experts in specific industries.

“The strategic objectives of our Trusted Partnership Programme are to build collaborative, trusted partnerships; expand our service stack; and strengthen the core of the business to provide integrated, advanced software quality assurance solutions to our partners and clients,” says Nadine du Toit, Executive Head: Africa, Inspired Testing.

These objectives also align with Inspired Testing’s expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa as the business grows its existing footprint in a multitude of African markets.

As Candice Coetzee, Head of Strategic and Specialised Services at Inspired Testing, explains: “Through our Trusted Partnership Programme, we have the capacity, experience and infrastructure to service businesses in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. In addition, our understanding of the local context enables us to harness technologies for the benefit of local consumers, working in collaboration with local partners and clients and giving back to local communities.” 

Inspired Testing’s Trusted Partnership Programme is underpinned by its four-level approach, which comprises Digital Transformation; Tools and Technology; Direct Markets; and Skills Development & Resourcing.

Digital Transformation incorporates all aspects of a client’s digital journey and their unique requirements. QA and software testing are an integral part of digital transformation, utilising Inspired Testing’s core of testing experts and collaborating with specialised partners in areas such as automation, security, performance and mobile.

Tools and Technology focuses on testing of services and solutions before release to market. “We test the quality of our client or partner’s solution and drive implementation in the market, in collaboration with our technology partners and the application of specialised tools,” says Du Toit.

Direct Markets incorporates markets such as fintech, retail, healthcare, banking and telecommunications, giving clients access to trusted partners that are experts in their specific industry.

Skills Development & Resourcing. Skills and resources remain the number one priority in a digital world. “We work with partners that bring skill and capacity to the table, as well as with recruitment partners to develop a healthy skills pipeline,” says Du Toit. The strategy is to pair skill and capability with different industries, provide training where required, and acquire the relevant skill sets in a fast-changing digital environment.

“We offer a powerful combination within these four layers, through the expertise of Inspired Testing and our Trusted Partnership Programme, to truly maximise our clients’ potential in an array of industries and extended countries,” concludes Du Toit.

Inspired Testing is ISO27001 certified and provides full compliance and data protection throughout its partnership programme.

Interested? Contact or Nadine du Toit, Executive Head: Africa on and join the Inspired Testing revolution.

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