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Vodacom zero-rates gender-based violence awareness app

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Vodacom customers will not incur any data costs when downloading or accessing gender-based violence (GBV) app, Bright Sky SA.

The app, unveiled by Vodacom in November, is a risk assessment and awareness tool that provides support and information to anyone in an abusive relationship.

The high rate of gender-based violence in SA is unprecedented. According to the latest GVB research, one in four women will experience violence by men and are five times more likely to be killed. A woman is murdered every four hours in the country.

Vodacom says zero-rating Bright Sky SA is a critical next step in its GBV prevention strategy, adding that it is highly focused on improving accessibility to essential tools and services.

“Technology has a powerful part to play in solving some of the country’s greatest challenges. But in order for these solutions to be as effective as possible, they also need to address the significant connectivity gap that still exists within this country,” comments Takalani Netshitenzhe, external affairs director for Vodacom SA.

Bright Sky SA, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store, is available in three official languages – English, IsiZulu and Sesotho.

The app includes a short questionnaire to help users identify different forms of abuse. It also gives them information about GBV and access to support services that are available to them.

Furthermore, it has response features that interface with the police and the gender-based violence command centre.

“In making Bright Sky easily accessible, we hope to encourage as many South Africans as possible to download the app and use it as a resource to help those around them who may be suffering from abuse, ultimately empowering themselves to help us in pushing back against GBV in our country,” concludes Netshitenzhe.

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