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Exponant launches new Web site in support of its growth strategy

Exponant has spent the last quarter reviewing and refreshing its service offering.

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2021
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The process of renewal is constant as the world of the Internet changes, but never more so than in the last year, when we human beings have drastically changed their online behaviour.

Ashley Pillay, CEO, explains: “At Exponant, we pride ourselves on knowledge-based solutions where we have an ongoing focus on being up to date with the latest developments in business and technology.

"This year, however, the massive step change in the digital world brought about by the pandemic and its influence on economies requires a change in our partner-based service strategy.

"The way that we use the space around us, how we measure success and productivity, take into account our partner software companies’ responses to work demands as well as the growth in our ability to process data, has necessitated that we review all of our solutions.

"The questions we have been asking ourselves are:

  • Are our clients getting the most out of their technology? and
  • How can we make that happen?

"We have been looking at everything we offer with that in mind.”

Exponant has looked at the developments in the organisations that it services, including space management, online security, knowledge workers collaborating from home, legislative requirements and financial governance and has streamlined the services to meet these market challenges.

To this end, it has redeveloped its Web site to being competency centric with a focus on robust methodologies and knowledge sharing with its clients and visitors.

Exponant will maintain an information-driven hub to keep itself up to date and focused on solving businesses challenges with technology solutions.

It believes that a powerful digital footprint, which includes social media, the Web site and Microsoft 365 Teams managed as an ecosystem, is the key to its growth and ability to serve its clients with the most efficient and comprehensive solutions in future.

The new Web site can be viewed on

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