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LG president champions collaboration, open innovation

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LG’s Dr I.P. Park and the Consumer Technology Association’s Gary Shapiro share thoughts on open innovation in a new era.
LG’s Dr I.P. Park and the Consumer Technology Association’s Gary Shapiro share thoughts on open innovation in a new era.

Partnerships across disciplines and industries have the power to deliver what is right for consumers, says LG Electronics president and CTO, Dr I.P. Park.

Park was speaking at the all-digital CES 2021 and discussing LG’s vision for open innovation in the era of social distancing with Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association.

The LG Electronics president pointed to the LG Innovation Council as a prime example of the firm’s many collaborative initiatives, bringing together a group of experts from a broad range of tech sector companies to learn, cooperate, discover new opportunities and find new ways to improve people’s lives.

“Technologies and disciplines are converging to facilitate a host of digital innovations – AI, 5G connectivity, IOT, cloud, sensors, navigation and batteries – and they are transforming mobility, which is a huge part of our lives,” remarked Shapiro. “And we’re seeing that sort of change in so many other areas too: transport, logistics, agriculture, healthcare and even food.”

According to Park, the open approach to innovation provides the basis for everything that LG is working towards, especially under its LG ThinQ brand, which encompasses the company’s AI and IOT-enabled devices.

He outlined exciting plans to develop an ecosystem by connecting all products and services across categories, providing consumers with new levels of user experience and convenience.

“It’s not just about individual appliances and devices that have AI capacity and connectivity, it’s more about building an ecosystem where LG and partners work together to expand, enhance and enrich what we offer to those we serve,” said Park.

Joined by David Rabie, CEO of Tovala, Park said he envisioned an evolved ThinQ app that goes beyond control and monitoring functionality to become a full digital lifestyle platform.

Through diverse partnerships and by implementing new features such as scan-to-cook, which lets users instantly apply the right oven settings for select pre-prepared meals by simply scanning the packaging’s barcode, LG makes home management effortless so customers can focus more on the things that matter to them most.

Park was also joined by Jean-François Gagné, CEO of Element AI, who helped Park announce the “Levels of AI Experience” framework at last year’s CES.

The two companies along with other partners are developing a new platform, AIX Exchange, that will enable industry leaders, researchers, policymakers and consumers to engage directly with one another to discuss how to best implement AI for the good of all.

“We come back to the importance of working together across industries because building and expanding this kind of ecosystem is absolutely a multidisciplinary effort,” emphasised Park. “It’s all about teamwork, collaboration and partnership when it comes to innovation for a better life in the age of digital transformation.”

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