Free coding, robotics bootcamps for grade seven learners

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South African private education group Curro is gearing up to host free coding and robotics bootcamps at four of its schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

The bootcamps, which will run on 1 and 2 October, are free to grade seven learners from any school in the two provinces, it says in a statement. Alternatively, Curro will host bootcamps on 16 October, if there are space limitations at some of the schools.

The education group notes the sessions will be hosted at Curro Foreshore and Curro Delft in the Western Cape, as well as Curro Jewel City and Curro New Road in Gauteng.

Participating learners will be taught by qualified teachers how to build robotics kits, problem-solve and engage with drones. The course will also cover algorithm-coding and applying advanced mathematics and science. The introductory-level course is open to anyone, even if they have not been exposed to coding or robotics before.

The key take-away, Curro notes, is to help bootcampers acquire essential sub-skillsets, such as complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating via teamwork, emotional intelligence and decision-making.

“While computer literacy is a given in today’s times, it is this new cohort of sub-skillsets that will be essential, and a given, in the future,” reads the statement. “Understanding coding encourages teamwork, as learners need to work alongside their peers and share what they have learned with their teachers and peers. In turn, this helps develop their softer skills as well as their leadership capacity.”

JP Le Roux, executive head at Curro Foreshore, adds: “Our bootcamps are being run so as to make a difference in our communities, and to give every grade seven an opportunity to attend. It is essential for our next generation of leaders to have these critical new skillsets and develop their mindsets to be future-ready.”

According to Curro, learners will receive certificates after completing the coding and robotics bootcamps.

To attend the bootcamp at Curro New Road, register here, contact the school on 087 087 7600 or e-mail

For Curro Jewel City’s bootcamp, click here to register, call the school on 087 087 7960 or 062 139 3881, or e-mail

To attend the bootcamp at Curro Delft, click here to register, call the school on 087 087 7700 or e-mail

To register for Curro Foreshore’s bootcamp, click here, contact the school on 087 087 7597 or e-mail

There are concerted efforts both on the public and private education front to increase skills development and competencies to prepare learners for the fourth industrial revolution.

The Department of Basic Education, for example, plans to introducea coding and robotics curriculum as a new component of the national schools’ curriculum in the near future.

It says the curriculum is envisaged to equip learners in all public schools with skills and competencies for a changing world, and will be rolled out from grades R to 9.

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