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EMBEDDED]The Government Gazette has seen a marked fall in the number of tender advertisements placed by government's national departments. However, the publication managed to avoid releasing a skeletal issue thanks to a particularly strong showing from further down the public sector hierarchy.

New tenders

South African Police Services

SAPS is inviting bids on the supply and delivery of Tetra Mobile terminals, complete with all accessories, for a term contract of two years in accordance with specification SAPS 2494/2011.
Tender no: 19/1/9/1/14
Information: B Muthula (PAC II Muthula): (012) 841-7551, fax: (012) 841-7071, e-mail: or J Kola (PAC II Kola): (012) 841-7204, fax: (012) 841-7071, e-mail:
Closing date: 4 November

In a separate tender, SAPS invites bids on the supply and delivery of Tetra Portable terminals, complete with all accessories, for a term contract of two years in accordance with specification SAPS 2493/2011.
Tender no: 19/1/9/1/13
Information: B Muthula (PAC II Muthula): (012) 841-7551, fax: (012) 841-7071, e-mail: or J Kola (PAC II Kola): (012) 841-7204, fax: (012) 841-7071, e-mail:
Closing date: 4 November

Council for Geoscience

CGS requests proposals for the management of its printing service solutions.
Tender no: CGS-2011-015
Information: LM Mampuru: (012) 841-1250, E-mail:
Closing date: 28 October

Freedom Park

The heritage site is looking to appoint a service provider or film animator to produce three artistic animated short films for the Freedom Park.
Tender no: FP 05/11 HK
Information: E Buthelezi: (012) 336-4003, fax (012) 336-4030
Closing date: 4 November

The organisation also seeks proposals for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a large outdoor screen for the site.
Tender no: FP 08/11 HK
Information: E Buthelezi: (012) 336-4003, fax (012) 336-4030
Closing date: 4 November


The state-owned entity is advertising for the supply of VHF FM radio transmitters and rebroadcast receivers.
Tender no: SENT/TXRADIO/003/2011
Information: Technical: Marius Scheepers: (011) 471-4636. General: Pius Mashaba: (011) 471-4435
Closing date: 11 November

Department of Defence, Simonʼs Town Procurement Service Centre

The Department is looking for bids on the supply of receiver, radio, monitoring of frequency range: 9khz to 3.6ghz; Panorama, RF and high-speed FFT scanning; ITU Compliant measurement of AM/FM modulated signals; including 19-inch rack adapter and DC power. (Quantity: two each)
Tender no: SPSC-B-074/2011
Information: EE du Plessis: (021) 787-5086, fax: (021) 787-5134
Closing date: 7 November

The coastal organisation also wants to hire a digital colour printing press for its naval publications unit located at the Simonʼs Town naval base.
Tender no: SPSC-BC-010/2011
Information: EE du Plessis: (021) 787-5086, fax: (021) 787-5134
Closing date: 7 November

South African Weather Service

SAWS is advertising for a service provider to supply, deliver and install a new storage area network at its head office and server consolidation at the SAWS Disaster Recovery Site. The estimated value of this tender is expected to exceed R500 000.
Tender no: SAWS 026/11
Information: Z. Sebotsane: (012) 367-6247, fax: (012) 367-6547, e-mail:
Closing date: 4 November

Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape

The provincial department seeks the supply and delivery of a monochrome all-in-one wide format copy/scan/print system with colour scanner. Bidders must be registered on the Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSDB) prior to the closing date and time of the tender in order to be eligible to participate in the tender.
Tender no: R/MT 185/2011
Information: Nick Kromberg: (021) 483-2432, fax: (021) 483-2015
Closing date: 11 November

South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement

SAASTA is looking for a service provider to print specific material for delivery by 31 January 2012.
Tender no: NRF/SAASTA 01/2011-12
Information: Mari-Louise Snyman: (012) 392-9300 or Hloki Mabelebele: (012) 481-4263, fax: (012) 481-4221

Closing date: 4 November

Unemployment Insurance Fund

The UIF is inviting prospective service providers that comply with all the necessary legislation and have the appropriate background and experience, to tender for the offsite storage of documentation. The service provider will be appointed based on its ability to render a specialised service with regards to the offsite storage of documentation. Previous experience in this field will be a prerequisite for the appointment of a service provider.
Bidders must be:
* Accredited with National Archives and Records Management Services to store public records; and
* Have the capacity to store documents from all provinces listed in the tender specifications.
Compulsory briefing: 15 November
Tender no: UIF 4/2011
Information: W Kr"uger: (012) 337-1876, fax: 086-638-1214, e-mail:
Closing date: 25 November

Department of Communications

The DOC is advertising for a service provider to develop an electronic, organisational performance management system.
Tender no: DOC/12/2011/12/G & A
Information: Siphiwe Senosi: (012) 427-8208, fax (012) 427-8514, e-mail:
Closing date: 11 November

Financial Intelligence Centre

The centre is looking to establish a call centre, where all incoming telephone enquiries will be handled in an efficient manner, as well as being voice logged to ensure compliance and quality assurance. The call centre software and the voice recording solution should be compatible with its Cisco Call Manager 6 telephone server.
Tender no: FIC/CALL-DESK-SW-TEL-VOICE-REC/0023/2011
Information: Tyrone Waugh: (012) 641-6000, e-mail:
Closing date: 11 November

KwaZulu-Natal Legislature

The provincial legislature is calling for proposals from bidders for the implementation of a SAP system and the development of networking infrastructure. One hundred percent outsourcing by the primary contractor will not be permitted. Suitably qualified and experienced bidders are therefore invited to submit their proposals.
Tender no: RFP2011/KZNL/ICT 01
Information: Lwazi Giba:
Closing date: 7 November

State Information Technology Agency

SITA is looking to appoint a travel agency for a period of three years.
Tender no: RFB 918/2011
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. e-mail:
Closing date: 14 November

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal

The provincial body, under the directorate of the Doris Goodwin Hospital, is looking to make an outright purchase, including installation, of a PABX system and telephone management system with the following specifications:
1. 8 x digital phones
2. 8 x digital hybrid card
3. 1 x 4 BRI ISDN card
4. 1 x main switchboard
5. Internal paging
6. Music on hold
7. Night service
8. Coded extensions
9. Personal speed dials
10. Systems speed dials
11. Loud speaker/hands free
12. Call waiting
13. VOIP/IP compliant
14. Call waiting internal/external
15. Internal call ring back when extension is free
16. 40 x single line telephone extension
17. Battery backup
18. Telephone management system
19. 1 UPS
20. Install cabling and supply material
21. 1 x main control unit
22. System to be fully expandable
23. Please ensure that the equipment is new
Please state service agreement specifications.
Information: Allan Naidoo: (033) 398-1038
Closing date: 25 October

National Credit Regulator

The regulator seeks to appoint a service provider to perform a call centre and registration officers' evaluation. The service provider should possess proven experience, resources and capacity to undertake a project of this nature and have specialist knowledge and experience within the abovementioned evaluation.
Tender no: NCR 086/08/11
Information: Procurement Department: (011) 554-2713/26, e-mail:
Closing date: 4 November

Notification of amendments

Square Kilometre Array

The SKA project is inviting tenders for the design, manufacture, supply, delivery and commissioning of Meerkat Antenna Positioner.
* The documentation for this will be ready for collection/downloading as from 31 October up until 2 December.
* The bid submission deadline has been amended accordingly.
Tender no: M1110-0000 - 001
Information: Manager Supply Chain: (021) 531-7300/(011) 442-2434, e-mail:
Closing date: 15 December

State Information Technology Agency

Bidders are advised that the costing model on the tender for the upgrade to access control at all SITA offices has been revised. Failure to respond to the revised costing model - found on page 44-45 of the bid document - will lead to the bid being disqualified. A list of the offices with fibre connections has also been published with the bid. The bid closing date has been extended accordingly.
Tender no: RFB 896/2011
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. E-mail:
Closing date: 26 October

Supplier database invitations

Statistics South Africa

StatsSA has issued an invitation to professional service providers to apply for registration in selected subjects on its service provider database.
Information: Bid documents are available for collection at the reception of the De Bruyn Park Building, 170 Andries Street, Pretoria.
Closing date: 9 December

Department of Energy

The national department invites prospective service providers to register on its supplier database. To be considered for registration, applicants are required to submit the following mandatory documents:
* Company profile
* Company registration certificate
* Original valid tax clearance certificate (not older than 12 months)
* Certified copy of ID/s
* Original confirmation from the bank in the name of the registering company
* Failure to submit an original and valid tax clearance certificate will invalidate the application
Bidders are reminded to ensure that all the sections of the supplier database form are fully completed. Failure to complete the form may invalidate your registration.
Information: Patrick Botopela: (012) 444-4214, fax: (012) 341-9218, e-mail:, or Sibongile Monoto: (012) 444-4371, e-mail:

Closing date: 28 October


Interested service providers are invited to respond to an advertisement from AgriSETA to apply to be listed on the organisation's supplier database. Parties must indicate, as per the documents distributed for this purpose, the field of expertise or experience for which the company is interested in providing services/goods to AgriSETA. The prospective provider list will be updated quarterly.
Reference no: AGRI/11/12/PPL04
Closing date: 7 November

Square Kilometre Array

The SKA project is inviting prospective suppliers/service providers seeking to provide services or goods to the SKA located in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Cape Town and in Carnarvon in the Northern Cape to register on the SKA supplier database. Existing and prospective suppliers/service providers are invited to indicate their willingness to provide the following services for a valid period of 12-24 months:
* Computer requisite supplies
* Software
* Stationary
* IT equipment
* Audiovisuals
* Computer consumables
* Consultant, etc
Prospective suppliers may apply to be enlisted on the supplier database for a maximum of three commodities specific to their principle business.
Information: Melissa Davis: (021) 506-7300 or Annah Mashemola: (011) 442-2434


An invitation to apply for registration on the Fasset list of prospective providers has been published. The organisation maintains this list of prospective providers to solicit quotations from and in order to give providers equal opportunity to submit quotations. The commodities which may be registered for are categorised as professional services, general services and goods. See the detailed commodity list in the application document pack for more information on the commodities. The application process is administered by Deloitte.
Reference no: FAS/11/12/PPL4
Closing date: 2 November

Government Printing Works

The GPW is currently updating its supply chain management database of preferred suppliers and is inviting service providers/suppliers to apply to be registered on its preferred supplier database for the provision of goods and services. Current suppliers of goods and services, which registered their details in the 2010/11 financial year, do not have to re-register, but update detail changes only.
Closing date: 8 November

Department of Human Settlements

The national department is inviting new suppliers/service providers to apply for registration on its suppliers' database. Quotations for the supply/rendering of goods/services for procurement not exceeding R500 000 will be invited on a rotational basis from providers registered on this database. Suppliers currently registered may only contact if their company status has changed.
Tender no: VA49/222-3 of 2011
Information: V Mkwanazi: (012) 421-1579 or P Van Aarde: (012) 421-1314 or M Hitge: (012) 421-1355

Freedom Park

Freedom Park invites new prospective providers to register on its 'List of Prospective Providers' as part of its annual update, for the following commodity groups:
* Computer hardware and software
* Computer services
* Office equipment, accessories, supplies and maintenance
* Photographic and video services
* Printing and creative design services
* Professional services
* Security and surveillance services
* Stationery and computer consumables
* Telecommunications
Existing providers need not re-register but are required to update their information if the information has changed and has not been updated with Freedom Park.
Information: (086) 111 1951 or e-mail:
Closing date: 28 October


State Information Technology Agency

Acquisition and provisioning of new access control security system for KD Matanzima Building and for the maintenance of the access control, CCTV and asset management system at the Botha Sigcawu Building at Mthatha for a period of three years.
Tender no: RFB 902/2011

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