Cisco debuts new developer capabilities

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Cisco releases developer tools.
Cisco releases developer tools.

Cisco has introduced new developer capabilities across its intent-based networking platform, spanning the entire network from campus to data centre.

The release of these capabilities are part of the company's drive to deliver an open, programmable platform that spans the entire network, from campus to data centre, branch to edge.

According to Cisco, intent-based networking represents a fundamental shift in the way networks are built and managed.

Translating intent into policy

Intent-based networking moves away from the manual, time-intensive methods by which networks are traditionally managed, by capturing business intent and translating it into network policies, which are then automatically activated across the entire infrastructure, says Cisco.

David Goeckeler, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco's Networking and Security Business, says intent-based networking represents the next generation of open, IP-based systems.

"Cisco is building an open architecture that will power an ecosystem to accelerate intent-based networking innovation. Already, our customers and partners are creating value from their networks in ways they thought weren't possible as recently as one year ago," he adds.

New tools

The company also released new developer tools and open APIs into Cisco DNA Centre, the command and control centre for campus, branch and edge intent-based networks.

The DNA Centre turns the network from a combination of hardware devices into a single system, says Cisco. "With the availability of network-wide APIs, Cisco now allows developers to easily program this system, tapping into all of the analytics and insight the network can provide."

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