White paper: Microsoft's security intelligence report is out

Johannesburg, 06 Aug 2019
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Microsoft analyses over 6.5 trillion security signals a day, enabling it to have a wide and unique perspective into trends in the threat landscape.

As technology changes and attackers rely on new techniques, Microsoft continues to watch and report on the trends. In the 24th edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft brings the latest analysis and key findings from its research and observations from the past year covering topics such as:

  • Phishing attacks: While machine learning is helping to reduce the risks of phishing attacks succeeding, the number of attacks still continue to grow. As such, it still poses a great risk to businesses globally.
  • Cryptocurrency mining: Cybercriminals are using tools to perform cryptocurrency mining in the background unbeknownst to a user, essentially a form of malware that eats up bandwidth and poses security risks.
  • Supply chain compromises: Not only are software supply chains at risk, but hardware supply chains are as well. Because cloud objects can also be unexpected entry vectors, supply chain attacks have become a broad category of threat.

Get the full report today to gain key insights from our research that will help your business defend itself against potential threats.

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