Datacentrix smart fever screening solutions help SA industries returning to work

Johannesburg, 05 May 2020
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High-performing and secure ICT solutions provider, Datacentrix, has launched new thermal measurement solutions for the contactless, accurate temperate measurement of multiple individuals, simultaneously.

“The gradual relaxation of lockdown regulations as per President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent address, which established five lockdown levels, means several industries have resumed operation from the beginning of May,” states Johann Coetzee, Managing Director: Commercial and Technology Solutions at Datacentrix.

“On 25 April, our Minister of Trade and Industry, Ebrahim Patel, advised that the agriculture, forestry and fisheries, manufacturing, mining, services (such as accounting, legal services and call centres), construction, restaurants (for delivery only), and recycling sectors would return to work under level four lockdown conditions.

“However, each of these sectors must agree on a COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plan, subject to the approval of the Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize, and any other relevant minister. Protection measures to be put in place include the screening of employees on entering the workplace, which means that these organisations must have monitoring systems in place that will ensure compliance with safety protocols and help to identify infections among staff members.”

Coetzee explains that, as a trusted advisor to many South African public and private companies, Datacentrix has fortified its existing continuous services offering to include smart fever screening solutions.

“Datacentrix is doing all that it can to assist businesses to tackle the new, post COVID-19 normal. In line with this approach, we have introduced all-inclusive thermal measurement technology suitable for high crowd density areas and public facilities with multiple access points. These solutions include fixed, long-range fever screening and a handheld patrolling option, for fast, precise temperature measurement of crowds.”

Datacentrix’s offering comprises: a handheld thermographic screening solution, for seamless inspections and spot-checks, working from a distance of 1.5 to three metres; a long-range turret or bullet camera, to identify and track individuals with higher body temperatures from between 4.5 and nine metres; and a calibrator that can increase temperature measurement accuracy from around 0.5 to 0.3 degrees Celsius.

Features include:

  • Simultaneous screening: Scan up to 30 individuals concurrently.
  • AI-detection: Body detection is powered by artificial intelligence, reducing the number of false alarms.
  • Advanced algorithms: Temperature measurement algorithms achieve highly reliable, accurate results.
  • Bi-spectrum monitoring: The display window includes both thermal view and optical image, including the event details with the temperature measurement.
  • Quality images: Detailed images are provided in high resolution.
  • Maximum temperature tracking: A moving cursor tracks an individual’s hottest spot.
  • WiFi-enabled: Supports WiFi connectivity to smartphones, PCs or notebooks.
  • Security: User authentication, encryption, access control and IP address filtering.
  • One-stop solution: An extensive solution portfolio to meet the specific needs of any private or public organisation.

Says Coetzee: “The new solution from Datacentrix will help to eliminate the long queues and increased risk of infection associated with time-intensive, manual temperature measuring, assisting companies to take a reliable and effective line of defence against COVID-19 as multiple industries gear up for a return to work.”

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