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TRG makes comprehensive information security accessible to SA businesses of all sizes

Johannesburg, 14 Jun 2021
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TRG MD Marc Seymour.
TRG MD Marc Seymour.

Business technology innovator TRG has launched a comprehensive security offering to make advanced information security affordable and manageable for businesses of all sizes in South Africa.

TRG Workplace Security, launched into the market recently, integrates all the tools and technologies organisations need to mitigate risk and remediate attacks, backed by 24/7 security operations centre support.

TRG MD Marc Seymour says Workplace Security was launched to bring together best-of-breed solutions at the best possible price, to help South African organisations mitigate the growing malware and ransomware risks and comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

“The approaching deadline for POPIA compliance is forcing organisations to improve their security posture. At the same time, the volume of attacks hitting businesses has increased to the point where people are calling cyber attacks ‘the next pandemic’. Having operated in the cyber security space for some time, we concluded that the smaller and mid-sized enterprises did not have the resources large enterprises did to deal with the volume and sophistication of attacks. The tools organisations need are often very expensive, bought on a dollar basis, and in addition, organisations may not have the skills internally to run them.

“What we’ve done is focus on taking the key pillars of defence to ensure that organisations have all the necessary tools in place; and that they are configured and managed correctly,” he says.

TRG notes the seven key pillars of its service frameworks are secure configuration management, vulnerability management, network monitoring, identity and access management, threat detection and response, malware prevention, and engagement and education.

“Key to our approach was to make it affordable to South Africans. We investigated and tested leading solutions and negotiated rand-orientated rates to deliver to the customer. We give a best practice package, with a single interface giving visibility of the state of security and network environment and the tools to then manage it,” he says. “We’re removing the barriers to good security.

“We have pulled together all of the tools necessary for the effective defence of an organisation and integrated them into a single package, making it transparent why these are required."

TRG’s proprietary ITSM platform, developed in South Africa by TRG’s developers, which we are continuously enhancing, gives customers a simple, single pane of glass with which to manage the network and security environment, and to coordinate response and remediation in the event of an attack.

Backed by TRG’s expert team and a partner SOC in the United States, customers have 24/7 support. TRG’s new offering, effectively a security network operations centre (SNOC), ensures that security and networks are integrated into a single, non-siloed environment, so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Seymour says the new service offering overcomes several key challenges organisations are facing now: pressure to improve security and ensure business continuity, securing high-end information security skills, and also controlling costs.

“Cost is a priority not only for small and mid-sized customers; large enterprises are challenged in controlling costs too. In fact, one of our new large enterprise customers welcomed the fact that the cost of our fully staffed service was lower than if they had only procured software licences… let alone the cost of skilled teams to manage the software,” Seymour says. In addition to harnessing economies of scale to bring to market the most affordable and comprehensive solution possible, TRG has also opted not to charge onboarding fees and to allow 60-90 days’ cancellation.

In conclusion, TRG is offering a comprehensive service, including tools, technologies and skilled personnel necessary to defend a modern connected business against an increasing volume of threats and at a very affordable price. 

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