AppCentrix attains top B-BBEE rating

South African managed services provider celebrates coveted Level One certification.

Johannesburg, 09 Oct 2019
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Tito Pereira, Chief Commercial Officer, AppCentrix.
Tito Pereira, Chief Commercial Officer, AppCentrix.

AppCentrix (Pty) Ltd has received level one B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) certification, which positions the company as a leading black-empowered technology solutions partner in the managed services space. 

“I am thrilled we are now a Level One contributor providing an empowered managed service to South African organisations,” says Tito Pereira, Chief Commercial Officer of AppCentrix.  The company provides a next-generation managed service that brings the value and potential of business systems to the table.

“We view B-BBEE as a reflection of our own deep commitment to helping build a more inclusive ICT industry, providing opportunities for growth and prosperity, as well as uplifting skills in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence, where we provide services,” he added.

AppCentrix’s achievement has been realised through a focus on critical skills development. The company has invested in people to upskill in ICT as a scarce skill within South Africa, with interns as part of its socio-economic development programme and support for numerous schools in Gauteng.

“Long-term, we hope to help produce local data analysts and scientists,” concludes Pereira.

The certification reflects that AppCentrix is black-owned, black female-owned and black-designated business owned under the Amended ICT Sector Codes.  The new B-BBEE status also provides it with the stamp of ‘empowering supplier’ for its customers, with a 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition.


AppCentrix is a South African-based ICT services company offering a fully integrated managed platform.  Over a decade ago, the company started out by looking to provide solutions for clients wanting to have full visibility across their IT operations.  Realising how difficult it was to span silos and provide a correlated view of devices, applications and infrastructure in a way that made sense to business leaders, they sought out the best technologies and high-end solutions.  In doing so, a comprehensive managed service, SmartICT, was created.

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