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KHIPU launches cyber security packages to help fight against cyber crime in SA

Johannesburg, 07 Oct 2019
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KHIPU Networks has launched new cyber security packages designed to help fight against cyber crime in South Africa, using a combination of simulated phishing, vulnerability, application and attack assessments.

With the most common types of cyber threats KHIPU customers are experiencing being phishing/ransomware attacks, vulnerabilities from ‘unpatched’ systems and unsanctioned applications on organisations' networks, KHIPU has been working with its customers to understand these threats and the challenges they face when trying to defend against them.

"Phishing e-mails have been around for a while now, but don’t seem to be slowing down. With the help of KHIPU, we have been able to assess our infrastructure, processes and user risk to these attacks, improving our overall security posture through a cost-effective holistic approach that is extremely well planned and delivered by their expert team of engineers," says Njabulo Xaba, Cyber Security Officer, Mangosuthu University of Technology.

To help its customers fight against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, KHIPU Networks has created a number of cost-effective packages to enable organisations to quickly understand their environment and risks, so recommendations and improvements can be planned, implemented and validated.

"We are often asked about best practice cyber security methods and, while there are a number of tools that can be used in an effective manner to help against cyber crime, it is important to know where the weaknesses within your organisation lie. Without a comprehensive understanding of your vulnerabilities, whether human or machine based, organisations are often left feeling around in the dark. These packages are designed to assess your organisation's environment and risk so you can make improvements, and validate them, based on the findings and our recommendations," says Gareth Trollip, Country Manager, KHIPU SA.

KHIPU’s new cyber security packages are based on the KHIPU Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure (ZVI) offering, which helps organisations identify their main risks to cyber attacks and includes the following assessments:

  • Users: Simulated phishing campaigns and user training services.
  • Infrastructure: Vulnerability assessments: internal and external scans.
  • Network traffic: Cloud, network, user and application/threat visibility assessments.

KHIPU’s cyber security services have been very successful for many organisations internationally across all market sectors, including health, government, media, legal, education, finance and retail.

Packages include:

2 x Simulated Phishing Campaigns

2 x External Vulnerability Assessment Scans

2 x Network Traffic Visibility Assessments

2 x Prevention Reports (including findings and recommendations)

Contact KHIPU for a free-of-charge tailored cyber security package designed just for you! @KhipuNetworks

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