LAWTrust launches South African-designed hardware authenticator to combat phishing

Johannesburg, 29 May 2019
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* LAWTrust's SOLIDwebkey achieves relevant, high-end authentication FIDO U2F certification.
* With FIDO-certification, SOLIDwebkey joins the ranks of best-of-breed, interoperable authentication solutions across the globe.
* SOLIDwebkey is an effective solution to phishing and other cyber security concerns that impact industry and organisations.

Christi Maherry, CEO of LAWtrust.
Christi Maherry, CEO of LAWtrust.

LAWTrust, an Etion company, has joined the FIDO Alliance in a move designed to cement its reputation as the premium provider of cyber security solutions to the business community.

The company also announced certification of its first FIDO U2F token, the SOLIDwebkey. Designed, developed and manufactured locally by sister company Etion Create, the product provides second factor authentication to cloud applications and robust, high-end security peace of mind across all sectors and industries. The use of hardware security keys to bypass password reliance and improve data security has already been proven effective across numerous industries and organisations by effectively preventing phishing or hack attacks before they start.

"The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association that's focused on developing authentication standards that allow for the industry to overcome its reliance on passwords to access information," says Christi Maherry, CEO of LAWtrust.

"Passwords are easily harvested from mass data breaches or phishing attacks. Even one time passwords can be abused by active phishing attacks. Users that authenticate with a SOLIDwebkey can bypass this reliance on passwords utilising the FIDO U2F certification authentication standards."

SOLIDwebkey is a straightforward, easy to use USB key. It uses strong cryptographic methods to authenticate users for any Web application - they simply touch or tap the device to show a certified human presence. It is compatible with mainstream browsers and Web applications that support FIDO security keys. An application programming interface is also available to store security credentials on the device, allowing systems integrators to enhance their applications beyond the standard FIDO U2F possibilities.

Petrus Pelser, MD of Etion Create.
Petrus Pelser, MD of Etion Create.

"With concerns about nation state interference and back-doors being built into products, supply chain security is top of mind at present, which makes SOLIDwebkey a reliable tool for organisations across myriad sectors," says Petrus Pelser, MD of Etion Create. "South African design, development and local manufacturing adds additional strength to the international FIDO Alliance certification, providing South African organisations with a trusted local option.

"Two-factor authentication is the de facto standard for securing user accounts, but it does add friction to user logins. SOLIDwebkey is designed to simplify and make the process even more secure for both user and organisation. This is a highly relevant product and the FIDO certification assures simplicity, interoperability and high security," concludes Maherry.

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The SOLIDwebkey token software can be securely upgraded, allows for third-party integration to store user-specific data, and is a South African original design security solution. Compact and certified by FIDO, the solution is standards-based second factor security that assures the South African user of ongoing security in a challenging cyber security climate.

To find out more about the FIDO Alliance and the Solid WebKey FIDO U2F certification, visit, and to find out more about Etion and the SOLIDwebkey product, visit and

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