eBook: Thrive or just survive? You choose

Unlock your data’s full potential.

Johannesburg, 16 Jul 2020
Read time 50sec

Your business is housing a gold mine of data and is trusting your team to manage, protect and mine insights from it. This can be a daunting task, especially considering that today, data is being created faster than ever before – over 2.5 quintillion bytes per day.

This presents both a unique opportunity and challenge for your business. In order to extract value from data, your business needs an efficient means of not only collecting, but also storing, processing, analysing and utilising data. This is where your database operations come in.

If, like most enterprises, your databases are built on traditional IT infrastructure, the complex siloed compute, storage and network resources are not optimised for today’s demanding business

needs. Today, organisations require access to high-quality data with built-in resiliency and security to keep data available yet secure. Without it, running data-driven projects without delay, non-disruptively and without risk becomes extremely difficult.

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