First Adabas, Natural bootcamp graduates ready for world of work

Johannesburg, 30 Jul 2018
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Three months ago, 10 interns walked into Software AG's offices in Johannesburg to start the 2018 Adabas and Natural Bootcamp. The first of its kind on the continent, this intense programme covered the fundamentals of Adabas and Natural, and the application of the language to coding, writing applications, enterprise architecture and maintenance of existing code.

In addition, the programme that is now MICT Seta-approved with South African Qualifications Authority's (SAQA) accreditation, went beyond the ambit of pure technology training and included modules on business relevance and life skills.

"I probably enjoyed the bootcamp the most, maybe because I didn't have to write a test every day," says Chris Pohl, Senior Director: Global Consulting Services at Software AG SA.

For one of the graduates, Maureen Semadi, this programme has changed the course of her life: "It was such an amazing experience, I especially loved the way the courses were structured. Every morning we would have tests on the work we covered the day before. It really helped us master the amazing programs. What made it even better was that it also helped to create a competitive spirit among the 10 of us. You were awarded for the small things, like arriving on time for class, class participation and your test marks."

Stanley Manolo, who came first in the class, says: "Before I started this bootcamp, I couldn't see the future, where I was going or what I wanted. Now my future is quite bright."

The bootcamp was created to fill the need for young Adabas and Natural developers in the market.

"The average age for an Adabas and Natural programmer is 57, and these graduates are going to make a difference," says Pohl. "These programmers have the attitude that they can change the world, and the talent and skill I have seen makes me believe that they will," he concludes.

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