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Johannesburg, 31 Jan 2020
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Over the past couple of years, United Business Solutions has transformed the Southern African Business Printing market with their unique Refurbished Photocopier offering. “The remanufactured line is quite simple to explain”, says Ryan Lumley, Managing Director of United Copiers. “We source and carefully handpick from thousands of low usage, off lease and demo printers in Europe and around the world. With our longstanding experience in doing this, we have been able to determine the printer model ranges that are trusted in reliability, sturdiness and low running costs.

"These printers then undergo a complete refurbishment process, including a 37-point quality control check, before entering our supply chain for sale. Our aim is to provide South African businesses with a top-class, reliable printer, at a quarter of the price of new. We take this a step further by offering a one-year warranty with these devices, which can be further extended to five years when a service level agreement is signed. An added bonus for our clients is that these are green devices, not only benefiting our clients, but also the environment."

By refurbishing these devices, United Business Solutions is able to renew them for their next printing cycle. This removes the need for companies to purchase a new photocopier that would require additional materials to manufacture, including single use plastics, lead, various toxic chemicals, steel and microprocessors. This successfully eliminates the carbon footprint of the printer and significantly reduces global E-Waste.

In addition to the green office printer range, United Business Solutions is now supplying environmentally friendly remanufactured toners and drums units. The plastic toner cartridges are fully renewed and recycled into perfectly conditioned toner cartridges. This process immensely reduces the production and disposal of single use plastics.

Not only do remanufactured toners benefit the environment, they are also much more cost-effective while still ensuring clients do not compromise on toner quality. “Essentially, our clients want a cost-effective but reliable product. If we intended to create this product offering solely with the purpose of it being environmentally friendly, it might not have been successful. Luckily, we were able to produce an offering that resolves our clients’ print requirements, as well as contribute to reducing e-waste, while at the same time meeting their budget criteria,” says Candice Evans, Marketing Coordinator of United Business Solutions.

United Business Solutions’ refurbished photocopier range is available for cash purchase or rental and come with an optional comprehensive service level agreement. To date, hundreds of South African businesses have found cost savings and decreased running costs through the company's refurbished printer offering.

More information can be found on or call us on 086 001 8500.

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