White paper: Optimising inventory in your distribution business

Johannesburg, 04 Feb 2020
Read time 50sec

If you’re like other distributors Epicor works with on a daily basis, you’re likely facing a barrage of challenges – not the least of which is managing a complex inventory system.

With products from multiple vendors – thousands of SKUs to manage, track, replenish and analyse – a lot of distributors find themselves trapped in a cycle of manually updating data in spite of additional technological tools at their disposal.

In order to stay operational, Epicor has found that distributors often have no choice but to spend more time addressing daily issues than refining their inventory mix. Many still rely on gut instinct instead of system data to get them through the day – in spite of time-consuming manual processes. This white paper outlines the ways in which you can improve your balance sheet and operations by reducing unproductive stock.

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