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Moving from a Capex and Capacity model to a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is key to managing cloud spend effectively.

Johannesburg, 14 Aug 2019
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The growth in cloud service use requires organisations to rethink their approach to IT spend. Moving from a Capex and Capacity model to a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is fundamental if technology departments want to manage cloud spend effectively.

The cloud challenge

Many customers are excited by the opportunity that cloud presents, and while a small number have moved operational workloads, most are still testing the waters, with developers having access to Azure or AWS to spin up instances for application development and testing. Often, these instances are over-provisioned, or left running over weekends, resulting in significant and unexpected expense.

Customers with a cloud footprint of any significance are generally unaware of how much they are spending day to day, who is using cloud and what they are using it for. Limited visibility and complex cloud billing present real challenges. Unlike on-premises systems, the constraints of Capacity and Capex don’t apply in the world of cloud.

The bottom line is that businesses need to be proactive in managing costs, budget and spend when adopting cloud. Cost optimisation and good governance needs to be built into every cloud plan.

Create visibility

To begin with, businesses need visibility of the infrastructure resources and software licence usage, across on-premises and cloud environments. With this visibility, IT will not only gain insight into how to spend optimally, but how to lower risk at the same time, enabling the IT department to make real contributions to strategic, business-wide cost reduction and risk management initiatives.

Blue Turtle’s solutions deliver visibility, insight and automation for IT spend management, from software licence optimisation, workload assessment and cloud sizing, to real-time cloud resource right-sizing.

Optimise spend

Managing cloud spend has to be a primary goal, and Blue Turtle's solutions deliver real-time spend optimisation, dynamically adjusting cloud resource allocation, as well as the ability to contextualise spend between business units and services in a multi-cloud environment, with the added benefit of trending and forecasting spend.

Enable operations efficiency

It’s great to clean up waste but better still to prevent it. This means automating cloud-use policies to root out anomalies such as unattached volumes and remove them; and making sure that cloud instances are created via approved templates to ensure the right placement, sizing, operating hours and security and operational policies are applied by design at deployment time, not reactively.

Blue Turtle's service

Working with market-leading software vendors such as Flexera RightScale, Turbonomic, BMC and Morpheus, the Blue Turtle team are able to lower operating costs and improve operations and compliance, while reducing business risk at the same time.

Blue Turtle's  approach enables business to understand their complex on-premises licence and infrastructure utilisation; optimise spend in a multi-cloud world; run workloads at optimum cost and performance; and ensure operational efficiency through automated provisioning, monitoring and governance.

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